Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Uggg i am soo sick... i was watching Scooby Doo Wrestlemania Mystery on TV when i notice this guys on the background, nameless fans that the camera love to focus now on then in bwteen the action and i could not take them out of my mind, specially how good they would be on a 3some.

Tough theres a lot of hot characters on that movie...and in the other Scooby Doo movies as well, somehow theres always an atractuve side character.

Anyways, i tryed to mimic the movie art style and i know it looks messy and simplistic but i did this on one night and is a little update after all, rigth?

I hope someone find this good even with how obscure the characters are.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


I said my next post in this place will be an art posts soo here it is, and artwork kinda made by my.

Here is the explanation: I love Gargoyles, it was my favorite cartoon when i was a kid and now day it still fascinates me to the point i am still collection rare and old merchadise items of it. The series had some amazing and spectacular artwork that was show only on small covers, pamphletes, blisters, etc....and 25 years later is still imposible to find this art in HD and find out who was the amazing artists behind them as well.

Also, as some of you know, i lost my PC due to a strong earthquake (thats why i didnt upload anything in such a long time) and when i get this brand new PC i was...and i am still pretty rusty, soo in order to practice the use of the tablet all over again i decided to have a little fun.

The Skybox tradding cards set of Gargoyles have this artwork on the back soo i pretty much copied it - reproduced it on an empty canvas to have this image in HD.

It was....quiet a challengue to make everything fit as in the original illustration and i had to use a lot of my imagination to fill the many empty spaces of the image (it have the logos of Skybox and Disney all over it as well as white text) and the card is soo small some details were very blurry and hard to discern.

It took me a lot of time but i loved working on this. It was only for me since i cant take credit of the composition and beautifull look of this but, it was the first art i made with my new PC and maybe someone could find this helpfull?

Thursday, January 3, 2019


I know i say the next entry on this place will have art but i also open a blog about figures and toys. I know is a shot in the dark but if someone is interested on the matter or watch photos of figures you can visit it.


Monday, December 17, 2018


Soo, Tumblr has finally decided to commit suicide (something Blogger did years ago) and i am again, not knowing of someone is really going to read this or if there is traffic at all in Blogger anymore.

Everyone have migrated to Twitter but i despise soo much its layout and functions, and besides, adult content will be baned on it probablly next year soo theres not much point on learn to use it. Soo while everyone is over there i am here, in this empty and cold catacomb...maybe is my nature but i feel safer in here.

From now on i will try to give this place a face lift and new design and i will post my arts in here and nothing else, i am not sure if theres too much point on getting more personal in here. I will post my arts at Pixiv as well and Barabox:





To be honest i dont think i post too much at Furaffinity since i dont use to draw furst, soo expect all the movement to be in here, Barobox and Pixiv.

Soo waths been happening to my art in the years out of here? Well, i lost my PC long time ago and got a new one soo getting used to it has been difficult, find the tools to draw digital art has been a strugle to me as well and in the end....i am very very VERY VERY rusty.

Extremelly rusty and in the last years an ocean of new and much much younger artists with impresive skills have been born and drown the internet. I remember 10 years ago how confident and exciting was to post art on the internet but now i been strugling to not feel intimidated by all the artists who has been getting better and better or those 19 years old that draw like veterans animatos from the 90s.

Even with that i wont give up, i will continue draw even if i never reach the levels of those people, i will try to have as much fun as i can soo this post will mark a new begining on this place. The next post will have some artwork to see, i promise.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


Since Terry was a wandering fighter much like Ryu, i always wonder how he could pay for stay one night in someone else house in the city his visiting? While Ryu is "inoccent" and deffinetly serious, is pretty obvious Terry worryes much more over his looks and know he is good looking. Maybe he take advantge of it and offers some fun and "services" to the owner of the house for a bed and some food?

That was my fantasy over Terry Bogard. Back in the middle of the 90s, when i was a teen, i tough he was as hunky looking as Ryu, tough i am surprised now that most people dont like him at all, it seems he is too bishounen to be bara? I guess he really is a pretty boy with long hair but i always find him pretty beffy and hunky and reminds me a trucker more than a bishounen.

I guess is not important if he is a bishounen or a bara, i like him a lot and i wanted to show my love for fight games men with a series of images and he looked like a good start, since he is one of the most iconic and classic characters and now day he is not getting too much love at all under the shadow of Street Fighter V.

I said i finally had something new to show and here it is!!! I actually had this finished a long time ago but i wasnt sure to post it, i felt pretty insecure about the quality and i hated the background too. I did a fight ring behind, a city, even a pixel landscape and i hated every version of it until i decided to make a character select design for him. I really wanted to make it feel like a fight game illustration (and drawing an arcade behind would be awkard).

It also evolved from a mini comic into a pin up with various versions, a "sexy" and two "pornish".

Like i said, maybe he is not bara enough but i hope someone else (besides me) enjoys this. Expect some more fighters to come up like this soon.

Friday, July 15, 2016


Yuuuussss!!!! I am back tough i actually never leave....

I dont want this place to be lost forever and ever, but i been thinking on the rigth way to re-laucnh this blog. With all the issues last year of Blogspot changing its rules, all my images are no longer hosted in here it seems. I wonder if its a good idea to re-post them once more? Its just old stuff that most people already saw i guess.

I also didnt wanted to post in here without nothing new to show and i actually have new art to show!!! But i will do another post for it.

In this time i had a lot of technical problems, art blocks and a lack of time dedicated to art since i had to change my job and i was left with only a couple of free hours a day. I even still own art to people from last year, something i will fix for sure!!!

I dont know how frequently i will update this place, i need to be back in track with art but i promise to make this place interesting again, give it some life in the short therm. I also saw people who wanted to contact me??? I am sorry for my lack of presence in here but with Y- Gallery dead, i can be reached at any time in Tumblr:


And i can be reached at my e-mail tough e-mail is a little old style since it seems everyone have Tumblr now. Anyway, my e-mail is

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


As depresive as that title is, this may be the last post on this blogg.

Google is kicking us out. Blogges was already pretty empty compared to Tumblr and other places but now, is going to be a ghost ship without the porn. I am sure Google is going to sink it to open a "bigger and better" service later but for now, we who dedicate to porn, need to leave this place.

I am not sure if i am going to delete all the porn and just use this place as a standar blogg. Its going to be much more emptyer than it is now. Or just leave it like this and just been read by people who send me theyr mail.

I am also tempted to use Tumblr as my main gallery but given how very little i know about HTML i am sure i am not gonna be able to redesign it for such porpuse.

If theres still someone who read this place, please tell me your opinions!!! This place has been online for 8-9 years already. Should i let it go?