Sunday, March 16, 2008


Ñam ñam......howdy o_o

As you can see, i suckz giving names *points at entry names*. Anyways, this is the first post on this place...i dunno wath to say, this is some kind of experiment, but i think the best way to do it is talk a lil about myself.

First (xDDD) my main lenguage is Spanish, soo excuse me if my inglish is a lil rusty sometimes, be patient with me xDD. Well, my name here is DEVILMAN, i been around the internet in the last ..........8 o_o...thats a long time now. I been around many many many sites, forums, mesage boards and pages xD and i really doubt i can leave the internet now. On this cyber world i meet my best friends and i love wen i meet new people from around the globe. In real life i am very lonely, boring and shy and i find really hard make friends (i dont have many friends, but i love the ones i have in real life ^_^) soo the internet has been a important tool for me to know the world and share my tougths and art.

I am also a geek xD, a hardcore otaku!!!!! i fall in love of Japan 13 years ago with Dragon Ball, Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon soo even now i still watch anime and read a lot of manga (but not too much........i honestly find the new animes kinda flat). As a nerdish guy i also like collect things - a few years ago i used to collect cards from different anime series and games (not Yu Gi Oh cards >_>) and now i have a collection of 1000 cards.......of Dragon Ball o____o, but my biggest collection i think is made of figures and toys. I just love the idea of have my favorite characters in 3D on my desk or shelves.

Thanks to Dragon Ball xD, 12 years ago i turn into a gamer as well. I learn that the Playstation console had some DB games, soo i aks my father for one. After a year of beging them, my parents give me my loved PSX but not with DB, but with Resident Evil =0!!!! This game change my life, since it had 3D graphics, a complex story, voices, orchestral music, lots of blood and gore and a cinematic feel, thus i turn into a profesional gamer xDDD. Rigth now i have on my collection a Nintendo/Famicom, Super Nes/Super Famicom, the Playstation, Sega Dreamcast, the Playstation 2, Nintendo GameCube, a PSP and a Playstation 3.

Wen i was 2 years old, my father teach me to draw, and since then i been loving art. The feeling to create or re-create anything in paper or other madia fascinated me wen i was a kid. Soo i been drawing more than 20 years now °0°!!!! Sadly, i am not a great artist.....i guess i still need practice but i am happy to keep learning. A few days ago i get a Tablet for my PC and i hope i can learn to use it very soon.........i am not sure to upload a picture.....i just have old ones u_u But lets give a lil chance to Mr. Billy Coen from Biohazard Zero/Resident Evil O.

Errrr........yhea...the image is on the top of the post, i know, and the reason is because i am totally clueless on how to use this place o___o...but ill leran, ill promise ;D. So a naked guy, i like naked guys and i hope upload more of this soon x3. I usually use cell-shading on a anime style but i hope i can expreiment with some other styles soon.

Nothing more to report for now /o0o!!!


Moi said...

Omg! que loco el dibujo, haz un dibujo de Chris! y luego me lo regalas YOY!

escribe en español, digo, le entiendo pero se me hace mas facil en spanish xD, saludos =D!

DEVILMAN said...


Lo que pasa esque la mayoria de mis amigos o conocidos no hablan spanish tons tengo que hacerle a mi spaninglich

A Crhsi si lo estoy haciendo ya en muchas versiones, es muy sexoso ese x3

Naphtali said...

lol the blog menus are in Spanish, so I hope I'm doing this right. I haven't had a Spanish class in over 13 years since I was in elementary school, but I understand a few words :)

Anywho so far you blog is cool. It's neat knowing stuff about people you talk to online. Our real life personalities are a lot alike though, I guess that's why we get along so well xD. Although I quit being an Otaku a while ago, as it's an expensive hobby if you're a gamer too! hehe

Look forward to seeing some tablet work. Once you get used to it you will notice a difference :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty good. I think the penis of the guy looks a little weird (not only because of the condom, but the shape). The head's features could probably be made a bit rounder, but other than that, no complaints. Keep up the work.

DEVILMAN said...

Naphtali, the menus are on spanish xDDD OMG, i need to change that.

i didnt know we had a lot in common, but i sure know we have tastes in common. too bad you leave the otakunes...i sometimes think on leave too cus , as you say, is really expensive and i dont like too many modern series but also i like other otakus and theyr world, soo i cant leave it xDDD

thanks anon, i also think the p33nor is a lil pointy xD ill be carefull next time

Heyohwhoa said...

I think you did a great job on his penis. It's very detailed and kind of just brings your eyes right to it heh. Anyways.. good luck with everything you got some great stuff going on :) hope you don't mind if I link you.

DEVILMAN said...

Thanks a lot
and sure, i already link your blog too x3