Tuesday, September 9, 2008


OK guys and gals, here is the young man Hong Yunseong, the Korean hunk from Soul Calibur. I been in love of him the last months, hes incredible hawt!!!!

This one toke me a lot of time and work, soo help me pint where can i improve, the shadows are OK? the colors? the details? Do i need to make less details? or add even more? wath about the background?

Aside of that theres nothing more to say, i been playing a lot SC IV online and i think i am going to pick MGS 4 again u_u. I am addicted to it. Also i was just playing Stryder on my PSP. Those old games had really neat characters but also had a very basic and simple gameplay but they dont make sequels or remakes of them anymore xD.

Well, i hope i can upload a pic eveyr wekk (thats it till Silent Hill Homecoming comes out), soo pray for me x3

Also, someone here is a Ninja Gaiden master? i am stuck in the stage 6 ;_; ............


vicky215 said...

Hawt I love Soul Calibur 4 say will you do a pic of Siegfried?

DEVILMAN said...

hey, hello there xD
i consider him ;3