Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yay!!!! I am back xD....sorta

Soo, i need to still save my stuff from my old HD (if can be saved) but i am triying Windows Vista now, soo i visit internet again and go to msn (but no porn since i dont want any new viruses >_>)

Well, speaking of other things, i beat Silent Hill Homecoming 5 times and now i am much more confident with my opinion:

The game is really neat and is a great horror game. the five endings are really short and not very spectacular and sometimes are really puzzling (in the style of Silent Hill 2) but they are not as obious as the one of SH 3 and are very different unlike SH 4.

The "bad ending" is amazingly cool and is the best of all. the game is really gorish and is full of creppy disturbing scenes, the sound is probablly the best sound in a horro game, but a spectacular music and unearthy sounds that really disturbs the player.

the game have the best bosses of all the SH and the gameplay is a lot of fun wen you know how to use the evasion. if your a good player, you can move really well agaisnt the mosnters and even do "fatallity movements" to the creatures, but all this movements are really hard to do soo the game is not a action movie, Alex fights really well compared to the other characters, but hes still a slow human, hes far from be a action hero a la Ada Wong (the only woman who can kill 100 ganados with high heels and a cocktal dress without a scratch). the proof of this is that you can only carry 18 bullets in the pistul, no more

soo people who is afrad that the game turns into a action game, dont worry, the game is still based on exploration, psychological heavynes and stealth (even more stealth since now you can sneak around the monsters without the flash light)

the monsters looks random at first but one monster can be the manifestation of many ideas and the psycho of not only alex, but the other characters too. theres even some photos with the meaning of the bosses

now the bad parts of the game:

the puzzles are really; theres a dorr with a keyhole, and the key is in the left side of the door, or you need to put some medals in certain order and the order is on a poster in the back of the room.....this depend of tastes since some puzzles on SH are really extreme (like the hanging men puzzle on SH 2 and the crematory puzzle on SH 3)

also the graphics, the mosnters are incredible details and are stuning, alex looks really good, the problem are the other human characters, they looks really simple...they reminds me dreamcast graphics. i dont know why double helix didnt wokr more in them since the monsters are soo amazing

and that all bad things for me, the game is not as perfect as silent hill 2 or 3, but is certainlly a good silent hill and one of the most memorable horro games =D

now i need to play Dead Space and Bioshock o_o


Mackey said...

Silent hill Scares the shit out of me! Resident Evil too, (had RE4 since it came out, I always play until the regenerators show up, shit my pants, and reset) [not literal feces, mind you]

Come over, and beat my survival horror games for me please!

DEVILMAN said...

lol, ill do it with pelasure ;D

na...RE 4 is not scary at all, tougth the regenerators are really impresive o-o....i love them xD