Friday, April 17, 2009


Yep, ill be uploading old art (yaoi) in ehre cus...well, some of them are really good (like the Kaze pic and the Jin saotome)

The first pic is SOL BADGUY from Guilty too much to say about this, it was my first yaoi in years and actually i dont like it anymore xD

The second pic is DINGO EGRET from Anubis Zone of the Enders. This one....well, i luuuuuuv Dinbgo *^* but i think i could do a better pic fro him x3

The third image is a request from Kaze Kanzaki. Now somehow i still like the pic, the pose and all the details xDDDD it was kinda hard but i think i do a good job *_*

The foruth pic is JIN SAOTOME from Cyberbots. It was a gift art for Blodiax123 and my frist of many Jins. I really put my soul on that pic, soo i love it =3

Then it comes another Jin xD.....this time hes attacking Blodiax123 in person!!!! Again, this pic was made with a different technique to colour and it took me many many hours, but i dont use any refference of any kind and i am extremelly proud of that pic, its one of my biggest and more detailed Dx

The.....another gift for BlodiaX123 -_-....its Hwang from Soul was a fast pic and i made it at 6 am o-----------o

And finally, two exclusive variants xDDDDDD. One is BILLY COEN from RE 0, the first pic i submit in this palce, but this variant have the tatto at the other side and dosnt have shirtt xD. The other one is my Yunseong picture but with shaved pubes...again, for Blodiax123......


Gay Comic Geek said...

Ok, I'm totally in love with your blog! I'm reading all your older stuff now.

DEVILMAN said...

Thanks for take the time to read tougth this palce looks more like a game review and tehres some random themes now and then xD

I already check your place and is soo cool x3!!!

DinosaurPrince said...

Dude, I am so happy to have found your blog! Your art is exquisite! :)

vicky215 said...

Yun-Senog without pubs looks amazing hot. Are you going to draw more pics of him?

DEVILMAN said...

Thanks Dino, i am glad you like my little place and art x3

Yhea vicky, i am going to draw more Yunseong with Hwang included xD