Thursday, December 29, 2011


A Diato doing wath diato´s usually do. How original i am xD?

Sorry about the UGLY background...but anyway, i needed something dark to make him stand out a lot more xDDD soo a cave/lab was the only thing i could think about

This picture is for the Sablechan. Not because of Christmas and not because of his birthday, but because he has been a pretty cool and nice guy and his art is too awesome x3!!! I hope he dosnt mind and like this picture tough u_u it was supposed to be a side-project thingy but i ended up giving it a lot of my time and i loved it!

Draw this guy is just...soo amusing!!! His hairs where very difficult but i had a lot of fun doing even that and while i was drawing i felt how his colors where melting away my eyes D:!!!!! I cant shake the feeling he looks kinda...devilish...guess for the red skin? But i tried to stick to his original design as much as i could

Theres soo many questions about him D:!!!! Wath is he? Diato is HIS name or his species? Where can i get a diato D:? How cum taste like blueberry? Hope Mr.Kenny answey this questions in a future x3

Anyway, here is a close up for his eyes just ebcause i really liked it....i spent a lot of time on eyes and usually when i resize the image, the details get lost >_>

And the owner of this guy is in here (Waths with Bloger messing with the links i post >_< ? )


Tomas said...

Hey there Devilman, I already commented this pic in Y! but I'll say it again, I love it!
I didn't know you had a blog! I'm glad I found it :D
Could I add you to my favorite links?
If you want you can add me to yours, my adress is
cya around!

DEVILMAN said...

Who are you D:?????

Jajajaja gracias por el coment xD y por el link. Yo voy a actualizar tu link tambien en mi lista de blogs

Tomas said...

Jaja perdona por el ingles XD es solo para que los demás entiendan XDD