Friday, January 27, 2012


Hey people!!!!!

First let me say, THANKS to all of you who follow this site, THANKS to all of you who enjoy my artwork and THANKS to all of you who comment my art. Even if you dont comment, THANK YOU for visiting me x3!!!!!!

It seems i open this year with...Tekken...with Miguel, hu xDDDD?

This picture actually have...more than a year, but just a few days ago i decided to pick one of my many Miguel sketches and give it a go. I pick this because it was a back side image soo it was going to be easy

I end up giving it TOO MUCH time to this!!! I was expecting to finish it in one day :( but the chains!!! Those chains!!!! And the LUCHADOR mark and the background (horrible Cartoon Network style background) where quite a challenge.

I dont know if i should post this with no background or shadows, to give a better look tough...wath do you people think?

Yes...a little teasing and i take some liberty with his underwear i know. I wodner waths he thinking? Maybe hes not happy because a ridiculous manequin with a pink wig kick his ass? Or maybe hes falling asleep...


Daniel said...

OMG! Wow! I just want to rip those pants off! I wish there was a front view ^^ Oh those hairy bum cheeks! I'm in heaven <3

DEVILMAN said...

Lol i am glad you like it xD

Makes me wish too there was a front view of this D:

Rigel126 said...

I can't get enough of his ass!!!! *Chew chew chew* XDDD

RyuX said...

Now thats a nice view ;3