Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I finally played around with the character creation thingy from Soul Calibur V. I have to say, the level of custimization its pretty awesome!!!! Add tattos, paterns, change colors, change size, height, color in the eyes....but i cant seem to find descent clothing >_<

While all the colors and patterns can be changed, the clothing menu is kinda...hard to work xD half the stuff looks generic and boring, the other half looks soo silly. I ant find some good looking shirts...or a vest...not even a good looking coat >_<

I am tempted to leave my characters nude(and not for the eye candy...) or maybe i need to level up to the max to unlock the really awesome items for the game!!!

Here i leave pictures of Alex Gates, who turned out to look quite amazing o_o but the clothes...and also Mizuki Nori, one of his companions (who most of you still dont meet xD)

Once i update this designs or come up with new ones (Jason deffinetly xD), ill post pictures.

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