Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Hello there!!

This time i come with a crossover picture!!! And not any crossover, but one with two of my favorite characters as well!! This pic really makes me build soo much scenarios in my mind ....

This was a commission i started last month took me a lot of time. I am sorry for that but i really really took my sweet time with it. I triyed to add as much details as i could and i had a lot of fun drawing this two and make them very different, from the skin tone to the muscle build; both are muscly but Gabriel is more stocky and Miguel is a lot more defined.

I strugled....with Gabriel boots. I HATE those botts and i swear i am not gonna draw them again. Ink them and color them with metalic style was pretty time consuming.

Also, my costumer wanted an inner view to make the scene more raunchy but he wasnt sure if he wanted it "on Gabriel" or in the background soo i did both versions. If you dont like the "inner view" on Gabriel, then theres the clean version.

This was pretty new to me as well and i had A LOT of fun doing it. I try my best to make Gabriel´s insides all creamy and warm.

My costumer also liked them "horse size"!!!! And again, since i am not used to draw them soo big, i did another version with smaller penis for those who likes them in a more human standar (tough they are still huge).

Soo tell me if you like them!!! Wich version is the best and if the insides looks creammy enough!!!


sirius2708 said...

En verdad me da gusto que vuelvas a postear, tus dibujos me encantan!! ojala continues con ese buen trabajo jeje ;)

DEVILMAN said...

Muchas gracias :D este tipo de comentarios me ayudan a seguirlos trabajandolos :)