Monday, July 28, 2008


Coraline its a young girl who stays inside her new apartment all day because of the rain. Its the last days of summer and her parents dont pay her attention and are always working.

One day she founds a closed door. Her building was a house many years ago and was divided to build apartments, soo this door leads to a wall. But one night she hear noises at the dor, and see a shadow entering on it. Full of curiosity, she steals the key for this door in the kitchen and opens it. Wath she see is not a wall, but a tunnel.

At the other side of the tunnel she arrives to her "Other Apartment", a place like her apartnemnt but bizarre, mischaped and inverted, like a mirror. There she find her "Other Parents" too. But they too, are very tall, theyr hair moves on its own, they have buttons sew on they eyes and they have looong arms with horrible claws.

This Other Parents are very loving to Coraline, they really pay her attention and they love her, but once she wants to leave, the nightmare begins. Her Other Mother dont want her to leave, soo she kidnap her true parents and hide them around.

Before Coraline arrivals, the Other Mother had kindnaped 3 children and she murder them. Now Coraline needs to find the ghosts of this 3 kids to be able to find her true parents and leave the "other World".

This story has been created by Neil Gaiman (Sandman) and now is going to be addapted to a movie by director Henrry Selick (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jim and the Giant Peach). And not only a movie, but a stop-motion movie in 3D!!!!!

I love stop-motion animation and this movie seems its going to be a blast!!!! I need to wait till january of the next year......i feel soo hyped!!! x3

Official Trailer

Sneak Peak to the animation


Michael Crawford said...

I saw that you are anticipating the movie, as am I. NECA showed off their collectible figures based on the license at SDCC - they look great! Here are some photos...

DEVILMAN said...

Hummm...thank you very much for the headup
I already look the pictures on your site and looks great
Its kinda waierd to see you around here Mr.Crawford, i am a big fan of your site xD