Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mr. Michael Crawford was here....thats soo great and soo unespected too o.o

Anyways, another update at last. I add two pics this time, one was a art trade for Illuminate001, is his character Polar from Dream Savior ^^. I love Polar a lot....and i am not satisfied with this pic soo ill make another one soon. You can meet him on the game Dream Savior Gakuen and can be dowloaded here:

The second picture was a request from a great artists with the nick of Zipopen. Is Sanosuke Sagara from Rurouni Kenshin. He was one of my fav characters....he and Seijuro Hiko.

Anyways, speaking of other things, i been playing a lot Soul Calibur IV. If someone wants to play, my PSN is NEODEVILMAN10. The game is kinda weird....very empty. Theres no strange and amusing game modes, tehres no excivition teather, no sketches, theres no character profiles, theres no even story!!!! On the bright side, the figths are awesome and the gameplay is deffinetly smoother and more balanced than Soul Calibur III. I been very obssesed too with Yun-seong....and Mitsurugi °¬°. Its a shame they didnt add Hwang and they add a bunc of useless and boring cartoonish girls (with the exception of Ashlote, shes looks kewl!!!). Also Amy is soo neat!!!! i already learn how to use her with all my deadlyness xD

On Coralines side, theres already a "behind the scenes"teaser on the movies sections of, be sure to check it!!! The animation looks fantastic, but is soo weird that they are using real clothes and hair in the characters instead of made them all in plastic xD.

Well then, thats all in my soo exciting life o-o

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