Thursday, September 3, 2009


This is a gift art for my friend YELMO at the Y!

Its the new Pirnce D:!!!!! And hes looking for his donkey entity.....of course, he thinks hes alone. He needs to cover up a little since Elika and her father are runing around close o_o

This time i make both the lineart and colors a bit different xD. Since the game have a cell-shading style i try to translate it here. Instead of draw a lineart with different sizes, i only use two, a thin one for the details and a strong one for the outside line, to make him stand out and looks cartoonish xD

Also instead of using different colors for the different shadows, i only use a layer with pure black shadows and i change the opacity at the end to make it transparwent, that way the shadow can looks more intrusive and more similar to the game.

The most anoying thing in here was the design, serisully......his "gauntlet" thingy and his....belt (?) have such intrincate designs....i do my best to reproduce them but they are not accurate u_u

Anyways, i try my best on those details and in the whole pic, i am open to comments and hope you ejoy x3


A. Infernov said...

Mira que en Y casi no se ven las texturas, pero ya aca en gande se ven geniales...
tendré que robarme la imagen.

Mil gracias compa!!! :D

Anonymous said...

That's one hot Prince. Awesome art man, hopefully you'll do a solo pic of Goh Hinogami next time. Take care man

DEVILMAN said...

De nada xD
sie las texturas....y las marcas de el guante y el cinturon D=!!!!!

Hey anon! Goh? Goh Hinogami from Virtua Fighter?
If is that one, yhea, hes on my list of guys to porn around...i really want to make a series of Virtua Fighter xD

Anonymous said...

yay! prince of persia! awesome!!!

hey devilman have u ever played the first prince of persia where he tries to escape from a prison? I can't believe that game has became popular like prince of persia right now

]D ]D


DEVILMAN said...

I know wath you mean, i also feel amazed when i play Metal Gear on the MSX and then i take a look at MGS 4 on PS 3.......