Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hey! Here reporting that i am still alive xDDDD and catching all the updates around!!!!

I make this journal because i am fascinated with one little book xD, i buy SF 20: THE ART OF STREET FIGHTER a few days ago and as i say: i am fascinated with it xD

The books is HUGE and comes with all the art about SF from Akiman, Kinu Nishimura, CRMK, Edayan, Shinkiro, Ikeno, Dai-chan, Shoei, Sensei, Shima Maeda, Harumaru, Oji, Falcon, Nona, Takuji Kawano and many many other Capcom artists from the last 20 years (SF IV inclused) The amount of images is brutal; theres concept sketchs, covers for games and magazines, character profiles, screen selection and endings art and exclusive art too.

I love Capcom art, its soo unique and awesome, soo nostalgic at times with the SF II art and soo stylish with Kinu Nishimuras sketchs and directions of every inch of every character for the SF II Movie. The artists make comments about most of theyr works and they explain how they come out with each idea, wath material they use or if theres some kind of special detail about it.

The Edayan section was specially interesting for me, sinces hes my favorite Capcom artists and his pictures are such source of inspiration. But while other artists give comments of theyr style, technique or use of certain art, Edayan commenst are always like ""This picture was extra hard because my planing was soo poor","i started to use the same material of CRMK art hoping that would help me get closer to his style", "i was always sad to see certain fakeness surrounded my work", "since i had never received any formal schooling in art i faced a lot of challenges after joining Capcom", "seeing my images makes me a little sad, there just soo lifeless", "everall i think their poses are soo stiff"........... all the time i read him i was like "wh...wut...waht? o__o.....why D=??? >_>"

The book comes with many well known images, very nostalgic from the SF II-III era but it comes with many obscure and unused illustrations as well as little images for pincs, fan club newsletters, postals, telephone cards and that kind of stuff. I specially like this chibis; Chun-li scares me xD but Poison is cool and the Sagat huging Ryu is soo incredible cute *^*

Also i loved this one. Morrigan cant stop her seduction not even in the train xDDD, Rolento is hiting on Jill Valentine, Sakura is all happy because shes being squeezed in Ryus body, Hayato and Jin Saotome are having a "Close encounter" xDDDD and Ken is abusing sexually of Zangief..................ಠ_ಠ

As a gamer, this books is priceless and a tribute to Capcom art on its best form. From a yaoi point of view, each page have muscly Ryu, Guile, Ken and many other characters in action poses or shirtless.....soo that says everything xD. In an artistic point of view see this pictures in high resolution and read how they where made, wath materials they used and wath inspired the artists to make them is incredible enlightning and amazing!!! This books is really worth looking (the USA version...or the Japanese version if you read japanese xD)


Monkeygogo said...

This book is amazing i managed to get it on import about a month ago. Safe to say i'd fallen in love with since the first page. The Udon series for capcom art books are pretty good too.

Ken Ohki said...

¡Yo quiero este libro!
Me encanta el arte de SF y salen obras de muchos de mis artistras preferidos.
¡Que envidia!

Anonymous said...

it looks awesome. How much does it cost? Not much of Street Fighter fan but looking at the pictures above, i'd be fan immediately.....

I hope they release other similiar book. namco should do that to either Tekken or Soul Calibur. or are there already are?

DEVILMAN said...

Hey Monkey! Yhea, Udon is making an awesome job with the artbooks, i really hope they leave SF alone a little and build some nice Resident Evil and Rival School books...they did it great with the Darkstalker Graphic File already x3

Ken!Compralo por internet...aunque lo malo es que pesa y sale caro el envio D:

Toma! The book is US $ 50 but the japanese version is a lot more expensive o_o
Namco already make a Tekken artbooks (Tekken 1-5) in 2005 i think but its very rare....but they are making a new one including Tekken 6 artworks and it comes with the Tekken 6 Limited Edition
But i really have no idea why they dont make Soul Calibur artbooks ;_;