Friday, February 26, 2010

EXPLORING......- Tekken 6

Hairy ;D

Ok this is my first (or second?) pic of some Miguel art from Tekken 6. Seiuslly, this guys is soo HAWT!!!!!! After beat Assassins Creed 2 and Dantes Inferno i started play Tekken 6 again and damn!!!! Soo much horny inspiration!!!!!

I am sure theres loads of anatomy wrongnes in here xDDD so i am sorry. Also i was too tired to add a background, soo just use your IMAGINATION and place him in any background you want xDDDD

I hope hes not too hairy for your liking guys/gals °A°


WTJohn said...

very hott
you did great
you have a very good
Imaaaaginaaation ^_^

Monkeygogo said...

Yunno it's not bad at all in fact i really like it! you did a fantastic job ;)

DEVILMAN said...

John and Monkey thanks a lot!!!!! I am glad you both like it. That makes me works faster soo i hope i can show something new soon :´D