Thursday, March 4, 2010


Yes, another update, soo fast is almost scary o________o!! And is one of my pics of my "preview" xDDDDD (i wonder if someone posted i posted previews xD)

This is my art trade with ARTISTG , He made me an awesome Joe Higashi x3

This two are his characters, Darryl and his older brother Rico xD i had a lot of fun doing this and i learn a few tricks here, i triyed to give less shadows but make the shadows and lights looks lees intrusive with the rest of the pic. Sinc ei think my lineart looked cartoony i triyed a more soft one. And i know that the anatomy looks kinda weird, but i triyed to build extreme shapes in this characters, big muscles and smaller joints to make them looks more like theyr original style (same with the faces)

And i love Artistg eyes D: i had way too much fun drawing the eyes of this two xDDD

Anyway, hope you (and artistg ó_ó) like this x3

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