Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CHRIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!.....and Dante?

Hi there!!!!!

I am sorry i didnt update before....the last post was totally random xD and i was supposed to send one art peer week, and the last week i didnt finish anything <_<

Truth is that i been having an horrible artblock!!!! And i had the brillant idea of dra Dante from Dante´s Inferno orz. AT firts i tougth he was a very simple character but then......hes full of soo many details!!! Hes shirtles but he got soo many design on his armour and little cartoons on his bandages >_>!!!! And lots of other stuff!!!! And draw THAT much detail with an artblock is...just....NO! lol

I even had to draw the whole Beatrize cross and resize it to slap it on Dante´s hand!!! I suck at drawing straigth lines....and i suck even more while doing paralel lines....and make a cross i just too anoying for my alck of patience xDDDD

I am soo tired of Dante........soo i leave a little preview cus i dont know if i am gonna be able to finish him soon xD

I am having such a hard time with the cartoons on his bandages!!! I dont know wath to draw there anymore xDDDD

Anyway, to put an end to this artbloock i decided to finish my collab with WEREWOOF!!!! Is Chriiiiiiiiiiisssssssss!!!!

Amazing how pretty and awesome looks my color job on someone else lineart :D!!!!!!!! And just in time for me to play the Lost in Nightmares and Desesperate Escape scenarios!!!!

Anyway, i hope you enjoy this update. The next one is gonna be Dante (i hope) or maybe......another character that i want to draw badly.....hes 95% nude and have horns °3°


Raguel said...

I thought you were doing a Chris x Dante art @_@

DEVILMAN said...

XD na...but theres a Chris x someone else coming soon 9_9