Sunday, August 8, 2010


Finally an art update °3°!!!! Uuhummmmm, this time is a birthday present xD for my very dear friend ADRAS!!!!!

This was the perfect chance to draw two of the characters i been waiting to draw xD and i had a lot of fun as well!!!! I wanted to give it a simple look at the pic, like a card of some sort xD soo i scraped the other dieas i had for the background and i add a little of the Uruboros slime xD. Carlos, well......i am deffinetly going to draw him again, more nude of course =O and Jill, i had alot of fun with her!!!! I was afraid to draw her manly and end with something like THIS but after a little bit of experiment with the pose i think i avoided that curle destiny xD. Also, femenin hand sare soo hard to draw o______________________o i didnt knew it >_>

You can visit my Y GALLERY for the G version and my DEVIANT ART for the T version as well. If someone want a better looking version of this Uroboros image then you need to take a look at the account AKUMA-OTOKO in DA for it....blogger deffinetly dont have the best quality >_>

And aparently after this, looks like my PC is totally fixed (????)!!!!!! Yheaaaaa x)!!!! Soo ill be working extra hours like i never do before to mass produce more art and all the trades and requests for you people!!!! Have patience and thanks for reading this!!!!

And Happy Birthday Adras *0*!!! I hope you like it xD


Busiris said...

Really nice stuff! :3 I like this version because having both a guy and a girl here provides great balance, and he looks pretty cool, but Jill here is really sexy indeed, you got the female form down just right! :B
and for the record... Uroboros is so much fun to say. Uroboros... XD Yay!

DinosaurPrince said...

Awe your Chris is super hot, but Jill is still my favorite character! Your version is so cute! Fondles boobies..! ^_^ You should draw more girls Devilman. :P Seriously!

A. Infernov said...

Me fascina!!!!
el Carlos ya lo he comentado en Y! así que sólo me limitaré a decir:

Y Jill no se queda atrás, esas botas incitan mucho, pero muchoooo X3

Thanx a lot Bro!

DEVILMAN said...

Bu: Stop Uroboring around o0o!

I am glad you like it! This can also work as a wallpaper xD, i am soo glad i still dont forget the female shapes :B

Dinosaur: Jill is the favorite all the humanity *0* Shes awesome. I deffinetly will be slowly doing more ladys xD

Infernov: De nada xD espero te lo apsaras genial xD

las botas son la version sexy de las que usa, con taconaso =U

Gigan said...

OMG !! A chick !! O_O ...a very well done chick ! I can't believe I'm writing this but I prefer the girl to the guy in this pic ! xD She's so sexy ! :D Her eyes, her smile... her boots ! XD

DEVILMAN said...

Hey Gigan xD!

Glad to know i still can draw girls xB!!!! She was.....a lot of fun to do!!! I need to draw girls more often

And the boots are a mod version of her original boots xD i beet it could be hard run and fight against zombies with this high heel boots :B

Leon Yabuki said...

(Estoy ree-viendo tus posts :P)
Che, me encanto Slutty-Jill! :D

DEVILMAN said...

Jajaja gracias Yabuki xDDDD