Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hi there!!! A new art today!!!!

This is an art trade with the awesome GIGAN. This trade....take me a long time for different factors: First i didnt had a clear idea of wath to do, i had soo many ideas and i couldnt pick one....i was goint to make Baal being raped in uke mode by Tristam on his room!!!! But thats an scene of ones of Gigan comics, soo i wanted somethign different xD

The i choce Behemoth using a dildo and just before i was going to ink it, Gigan make a comic about that D:!!!!! I wanted to draw Lou Nekosama too!!!!! And i finally end with this image!!!

Herz (the blonde guy) is Gigan (the green hair guy) brother but he was in love of BellaDone, a woman who was killed by his own brother Gigan. To never forget her, Herz sacrifice his eyes and decide to take revenge on his brother. I always liked Herz, hes soo cool and theres not too much about him on Gigans gallery (or maybe tehre is but i lost easily there xD), his relation ship of hate with his bro looked too interesting for me (plus, Gigan is hawt!!) soo this image was born.

Herz is ready to finally take revenge on his brother, maybe is a fantasy of his or even a dream......and hes going to kill his brother, not raping him, rigth? Your a bunch of sick perverts D:
Mmmm......Gigan art is always soo wonderfully colorfull and somehow this pics looks dark and violent xD i feel like Tim Burton after he amde Batman D:

Anyway, i am sure theres loads of anatomyc mistakes, i should really start to get legs references xDDD i really hope Gigan likes this image D: sorry it take me soo long!!!!

I still want to draw more of his character °u° like Lou, Yentis, Tristam, Jillian.....but first ill take care of the other trades xD


daniel.elruso said...

Hola DEVILMAN!! ME encantan Herz y Gigan!! QUe pena que sean hermanos!!! jajajajajaa!!
ME gusta mucho este dibujo, creo que tiene mucha fuerza y ademas estan los dos genial dibujados! Enhorabuena!

eeks said...

I much more like this version than the one on DA! they're both really sexy, and it's cool to see Gigan's characters in a different style!

DinosaurPrince said...

Really nice picture man. Great body hair. Imagine taking your eyes out for the one you love..I really need to look up Gigans comics.

DEVILMAN said...

Daniel: Muchas gracias! Es una pena que sean enemigos pero el que sean hermanos da un poco mas de tension xD alegra que te guste, quizas pronto saque una version con un fondo mas retocado

Eeks: Thanks a lot! Yhea Gigan is....Gigans main character i think? He need to be explored by different styles!

Dinosaur: Thanks! Body hair is something that i always enjoy do on my images
Gigan really need to explore the story of this two on comic soon i hope!

Gigan said...

Your best drawing ever ! XD

DEVILMAN said...

Hey hi there Gigan °3°