Friday, September 10, 2010


Sorry it take me a while!!!

This is my art trade with the amazing BAHARU, He asked for a sequel of THIS SCENEThe best friends finally arrive to the apartment of one of them and they start to play rougth

Now this take me a while....first because i had a hard time chosing a scene for this!!! First i draw a penetration sex scene but i didnt wanted to "finish" the night soo fast, soo i scraped it, i made a totally new scene that was scraped then i made a third one that can be found here

This scene, i feel is too similar to Baharu´s picture, i wanted something different (but i liked the sketch, soo i didnt delete it xD) and the picture evolved to this art o_o

Real life didnt let me concentrate on this and also i had a couple of anatomy problems.....i am pretty sure this pose is very default, but thanks to the help of all of you guy who give me your opinion, i think i fixed some issues xD

Then i spent a lot of time triying to make this guys looks like the original characters D: and i am not sure if i manage to do it >_> then i kinda panic-ed while drawing the hair xD

And i hate the background soo much, uuugggghhh.....i had to do it two times and still looks bad. I primise than, once i learn how to do REAL backgrounds, i re-visit this art and ill make a good background for it!!!

Well, i am starting to see some details i dont like but i hope you guys like this D: and i hope Baharu like it too!!

Now...ill keep drawing x3 and again, for a better quality and bigger version, visit my Y! Gallery


Nezu13 said...

the background turned out good :D
and I love the outcome XD
great work!!

DinosaurPrince said...

Excellent stuff man. Looks like they got a HANG over. :P There is nothing like a tough guy blushing huh? :P

Knoxxy said...

wohoo to alcohol! boo to hang overs! lol

Cymon King said...

Awesome work, love the lighting and the theme! Such a big turn on, awesome man! :)

Gninrom said...

Great stuff again! You're getting better by the minute!! <3<3<3

DEVILMAN said...

Nezu: Glad you find the background good, thanks Nezu-sama x3

Dinosaur: Thanks!! Manly mature guys blushing is awesome, i need to draw them more (he, i almost didnt recognize you with the new avatar xD)

Knoxxy: They are getting more than a hangover this time xD

Cymon King: Thanks a lot! Feels great such compliemtn specially for an artist like you

Gnin: Same as with Cymon, its an honor such compliemtn *0*

naruto uzumaki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
naruto uzumaki said...

hot !

your avatar is also really cool ! is a picture made by you ?

this is my yaoi blog hope you'll love it :)

DEVILMAN said...

Theres a deleted comment o_o

Hi Naruto!!!!

My avatar? Is Miguel Caballero Rojo from the game Tekken xD

OK, ill check your blog, thanks!

daniel.elruso said...

El background te quedó genial, yo creo que pintas muy bien DEVILMAN!!
Y ellos dos están soberbios, me encanta su juego !! ;-)

DEVILMAN said...

Muchas gracias *0*

Nunca me he considerado bueno en el color o en los fondos xD!