Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This is my entry for the BU AND NAR CONTEST 2010!!!! I was waiting to submit it in september 30 at 11:58PM xDDDDD but ill be a good boy and i submit it now

I chose.....well....videogames as my theme (yes i know i am soo original), soo here is the result, Nar and Bu are dreaming with videogames...or maybe is Bu´s dream that is infecting Nar´s dreams o_o!!!!!

I dunno......the looks like halfway between realism and silly cartoonish xD soo excuse me for the simplistic background but i guess it fits the theme. And....Yes, Bu is missing the mustache, the cap and the shirt, but thats ebcause hes the hero and wants to be all sexy, soo he refuse to sue them!!!

I am not a fan of Nintendo but i wanted very well known characters and a retro style, soo nothing more retro and popular than, Narugi with bowser outfit unf!!!! Thats hawt :drool:

Anyway, i always wanted to draw this two and ill draw them again in the future and.....i was thinking "OK, ill do the shibis in 30 minutes!" but i was soo wrong!! Those chibis take me a while! I need to practice chibis.......well, i dunno, just enjoy i guess

And, i am tired of the PC, soo ill reply all your comments and check your blogs later!!!

Oh yeha, for a High Res version of this, visit my Y! Gallery D:!


Busiris said...

Again, such good work, my friend! I am happy you got the ball rolling on entries for the contest. I only hope you have some rivals to contest against. XD I'll gush about this and other pics when the contest ends, of course. You know I love it. ;3

DEVILMAN said...

Glad you like it!!!

I also hope theres more entrys xD, i didnt do this to win, mostly only to participate, this is the first contest i participate ever D: but i hope we got enougth material to still be a contest x3