Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I was full of doubts if it was rigth to post this now or wait for Halloween!!!! But....i am finding lots of mistakes on this, soo if i dont post it now, i am going to delete it D:

As you can see, i am having a BLAST with Castlevania Lords of Shadow!!! I had to draw Gabriel!!!! I always liked the bishounen style on Castlevania, it fits the game soo well but i was very pleased when i see this new bara charactr design :drool: more similar to the Nes old school Castlevanias than the Ayame Kojima version!!!

This was a lot of fun to do!!!! I had to rebuild his outfit of course to show some more skin xD and his chain whip thingy.....was really tricky to do but i am pleased with his style!!!! Hes deffinetly huge and bulky, but hes not crazy riped and perfectly fit, he have "power muscles" from his fight skillz and not "gym developed muscles" like other guys *cougthkratoscough* and.....hes not hairy, hes just natural with the normal amount of hairs a warrior could have in 1047 AC (i doubt they had a lot of shaved warriors back then...)

And the background, in the background i tried to recreate my second favorite character from the game, the vampires/Frankesntein castle. But i failed to show his imponent and menacing dark beauty u_u plus, those clouds are soo ulgy, seriuslly D: i cant even draw descent clouds!!!!

I dont know wath else to point out. This game was a huge surprise for me, from the gameplay to the magnificent character design and story (with an awesome narration of Patrick Stewart) and, unlike most games now days, this agme is full of puzzles, divided paths and is looooooooooooooooooooong, soo i am pretty sure theres going to be more art of this game (yaoi and not yaoi) from me soon

EDIT: Damn...the quality looks HORRIBLE >_>!!!!
Someone know some way to post the pictures in better quality? Like another site to uplaod them or something like that?


Reikro said...

I like everything about this art. I haven't played the game myself, being away from the PS3 for almost a year now, but I do like what you did with the caracter, I like the light sprinkling of bodyhair and I think his outfit is awesome, you redesigned it very well to show more skin. I might look into getting this game. I still have Symphony of the Night lying around somewhere.

DinosaurPrince said...

Man, the Last Castlvanai I played I think was the PS sequel, or the DS portrait of Ruin. Both are good, but the fighting game and the final DS game were not too hot. I have the Wii fighter and it looks like something that could have been on PS2 5 years prior.

Your amzing art has given me more faith in the game then any promotional package Komami could ever create themselves. :) Your Belmont is a triumph!

DEVILMAN said...

Reikro: Thanks! I am glad you like this redesign and his hairynes. I wanted him to be a little less defined and yet bara style xD

Yhea i read your in Africa!!! I was wodnering where have you been! But i am glad your going to be back soon

Dinosaur: Lol, i should ask Konami some money cus i am giving them a lot of promotion >:U tougth the game should not need it, its really awesome of its own xD

I been playing Castevanias latelly...the last one was Dracula X Chronicles in PSP 4 years ago but since i dont have every single console in existance, i cant play most of the games xD

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I always like castlevania, but the 3d series (Lament of Innocence, Curse of Darkness) are a huge disappointments that I don't have the urge to play 3d Castlevania. I prefer the NDSs Castlevania game.

Oh I think the quality of the pictures are better if it's on .png

DEVILMAN said...

Toma: png? Mmmm....i should try it or else i need to search an outside host for them xDDD

Oh the Lament and Curse are good games but they fail at some points (specially the level design), this new game fixed that and everything else but is a matter of tastes really

I liked the 2D games before SotN, the last ones are way too similar to simphony D:

Anonymous said...

You could upload .png type image on blogspot, it doesn't need an outside host.

Yeah I agree they're quite similiar to SOTN, especially Portrait of Ruin but it's pretty good to me. On the other had, Order of Eclessia is quite a disaster :D :D

DEVILMAN said...

I hear Order was good xD but oh well, turth is that those Castlevanias dont even have the original heroes (Belmonts)

Good thing this new one in 3D is a rebot and dosnt damage the original story xD

Cymon King said...

This Gabirel is damn hot, you drew him perfectly, loving his cock!

I haven't played Castlevania since I was a kind, maybe I should check this one out!

Awesome dude, as per usual! Cy

DEVILMAN said...

Thanks a lot!!!!! I am not all happy with this but i spent a lot of hard work on him!!!

You should try this Castlevania, is pretty awesome!!! And whiel your on it ill check your new art *_*