Monday, October 25, 2010


Gabriel begins his journey with the hopes - not of save humanity - but to save his beloved wife who was murdered....but on his travel, Gabriel deffinetly shows a very dark side of him, out of selfish and part of guilt (he murdered his wife) he starts to become stronger, fighting against werewolfs, vampires, zombies and a legion of supernatural creatures. But once his journey ends he notice no one can bring his wife back. It was just a lie from the Brotherhood of Light to make him kill the Lords of Shadows.

Without light and love on his life (Marie) he found himself with no hope. On his journey he beat death himself!!! Soo he cannot be touched by death again, hes immortal and soo forever appart of his wife. He also proof that hs stronger than anyone else defeating the king of the wolfs, the queen of vampires and the rulers of the other world. His Brotherhood and God dont have power over him anymore, they only used him .........

Now he have all the freedom he wants, all the power he wants and he decide to let his inner darknes comes out, to focus on his side as a warrior. He takes comand of all the lower creatures he defeated once and take the castle of the Queen Carmilla - Castlevania - as his new home. To begin his new eternal life he leave his name behind as well to be known as Dracula

His theme xD:

Uggg....quality droop, mistakes, the picture of Carmilla, this was born to counter a art block xDDDD


eeks said...

that's interesting to read his story.
Nice work, I like the color of his skin, which make him look so...dead.
and it makes a good contrast with the blood on his lips!

DEVILMAN said...

Thanks! I was doubtfull about theyr tone had to be soo different and yet be logical with the idea of a corpse xDDD

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