Friday, October 22, 2010


...because i need you guy/girls/entitys to search and dive in the deepest sides of the interwebs.

I need more pictures (or any info) of this guy:

I been searching for several days already and i need moars pics naaaawwwwww D: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DinosaurPrince said...

OH Gosh, good luck man. I have been in this boat. At the last convention I went to there was some cosplayers I wish I could have got pictures of, or any info regarding and the net was not giving up it's secrets. I will try to find something.

He is cute. I wonder if that is a piece on his head?

DEVILMAN said...

I am not sure!!! I need more shots from different angles to study him x3

Mmmm.....around here theres a few neat cosplays but they are not common but in E3 and Tkyo Game Show, the models that are promoting the game with the costumes are AMAZINGLY ACURATE

I see some really impresive Bayonetas, Lara Croft and other charas....i wonder if theres Tekken characters or Chris Redfield´s D:

Reikro said...

Heavens, you really fell for this Gabriel haven't you. Can't say I blame you. When I saw the picture you posted it reminded me of an article I read about the booth boys featured at TGS this year, so I had a look again and found this photo.

DEVILMAN said...

Booth boys? Lmao i like that name xDDD!!!!!!

Oh thanks a bunch for the picture!!! I never see that pic before and now i am drooling to for the standee on the background D:!!!!