Monday, October 25, 2010


Once a holy woman, pure of soul and body and the best healer of the kingdom, Carmilla´s sould trascend reality to reach God´s kingdom but wath she left behind changed the human world. Now as a Lord of Shadow and Queen of the vampires, Carmilla reign the colder parts of the wrold and spread death and fear from her palace, Castlevania.

Her theme xD:

I really love the character design of this game! Her pale skin and expressionles face alongside her black robes wraped around her body makes me think on a corpse in a morgue. Plus, her dress still have the look of a nun (she was a holy woman in life) but with a very sensuaul opening....her design looks simple but theres a lot of ideas going on with her!!

OK, i know theres a lot of empty space, theres anatomycal mistakes, some details are off (like the flowers design on her dress) and theres a quality drop but i made this just to kill my artblock xDDDD

Anyways, A WARNING!!!!! My next picture have masive spoilers of Castlevania Lords of Shadow, soo stay away if you dont want to see!!!!


eeks said...

what a plunging neckline! she's definitively not a nun anymore. (or she still was, I would be curious to know in which convent...)
Anyway you did a nice rendition of this two characters with your own style.

DEVILMAN said...

Thanks a lot :3!!!

A. Infernov said...

Oh cieloooos, bubis en el blog, en dónde acabará toda esta perversión?
Jajajaja... no te creas; te ha quedado chingonsísima.
Quiero el juego pero está cariñoso y yo con gastos por hacer T_T

DEVILMAN said...

Pues esperate que no creo que dure mucho rato con precio de nuevo xD no parece ser tan famoso como uno supusiera xD

Muchas gracias!!!! mas bubis saldran por ahi de repente de ahora en adelante xD