Thursday, November 25, 2010

[ kyle madigan] The 3rd Birthday

I am soo HYPED for The 3rd Birthday!!! OMG!!!!! I been waiting a new Parasite Eve game since 2000 D:!!!! I never expect people to even remember this games since are soo obscure, but now the games are even released on PS 3 and PSP in the PS store and they are remaking the soundtracks....and this 3rd Birthday sequel w000ttt!!!!

I always liked Kyle Madina since PE 2, he was quite hunky but he pixelated and didnt even ahd a voice xD now in this 3rd game in the PSP hes soo...."defined" o_o

It first i was going to draw him being raped by tentacles xD but thats soo predictable......also, most of the games appeal revolves around how Aya Brea lose some parts of her outfits when shes hit by a monster, thus once you finish the game she sonly covered by a couple of rags.

Soo why not use this same system with Aya´s husband xD? And this is the result

Theres not a lot of context here aside of the porn, i still dont know if hes really the antagonist of the game o_o soo i struggled a little bit with the background. I finally chose the New York being destroyed by Babel soo theres not a lot new to look at xDDDD (Yes, i am drawing porn of character who´s game still dosnt exist o_________o!!!!)

And i am soo angry at Square D:!!!! This games as well as the first PE are Christmas themed...the scenario is New York at Christmas and the games i coming out in the 22/12 of this year in we need to wait 5 more months >_______________< I WANT MY PARASITE EVE 3 NNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW o0o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *RAGERAGERAGERAGERAGERAGE*

Best opening ever *_*:

Best edning theme ever *_*:

Well, i´ll be back later to to check ll your blog pals x)!!!!!

EDIT: I edited his penis!!!! Looked like ti was in the wrong palce but while checking the photoshop file with no clothes, it was in the rigth place!!!! The udnerwear made the illusion it was missplaced soo i fixed it a little bit xD


eeks said...

you did a really good job on this!
on the guy, I like how you put attention to his hair, the pose is simple but sexy and well done, and the way his clothes are torn and let appear his muscles and hos cock could not be better!
about the background, there are some very good things, especially the ground with the brocken rocks, whose texture and aspect are really fine. maybe the rocks on the second plan on the left are a bit too similar from each other: it's a destroy ground, it should not be so equal!
but as we said previously, everybody (me included) will have his eyes catched essentially by the guy and what his showing!

but it's obvious you spent a long long time on this drawing, and seeing the result, it was worth to do it!

Leon Yabuki said...

Yes, I love Kyle too. :D

DEVILMAN said...

eeks: Thanks! I usually spent alot of time in details but i dont like it in any other way xDDDD i agree with the rocks as well but i didnt wanted to spent a lot of time on it since the background dosnt have any context xDDDD

Gracias Yabuki *0*

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! Kyle Madigan porn art???!?!!!?! *__* Be still my beating heart.

It's hard finding Kyle fanart, let alone nude pics of him, tee. This image totally made my day.

I'm currently working on Kyle fanart myself (and some fanfiction). I may have to nude drawing of him because of this. e__e The world needs more Kyle love! >.< Anyway, I really hope you make more art with him! Even with Third Birthday there ain't much out there with him in it. :(