Saturday, December 25, 2010


This is my Secret Santa present for MAMA!!!!!!!

He asked something Christmas-ish, like a sexy nutcraker, but of course i wasnt going to use that not soo suprise idea xD and no nudity!!!!! Something funny too- i dunno about this since i dont have a sense of humor and thats ironic since most people find me amussing..... Sexy santas, reinders, sexy male presents has been used a lot already and checking on mama´s gallery i notice lots of his picture show angels and characters with angel like wings, like cupids

I been waiting to draw such wings for a long time soo i come out with this winged characters!!!! Angels are also part of Christmas (specially around our country) and they are not very used on chritmas art unfortunetlly o_o

He have Mama´s present for this season but he had troubles with the box xD soo in case the present isnt in good conditions anymore hes ready with the Mistletoe as an extra present!!!!

I had to make this pic bit by bit thanks to all the shopping and visit to relatives and stuff.....sorry for the background, backgrounds has never been my strong point xD ...specially Xmas-ish backgrounds or scenarys like that in general since my concept of Christmas this one >_>

Mama, espero te guste o0o y te la pasaras d elo mejor estas fiestas con tus personas favoritas

And finally the awesome background textures comes from HERE!!!


tomatoma said...

When I looked at the thumbnail version, I thought he was wrapping his "manhood" inside the box :D

Neat picture, and thanks for the link. I never could find a texture....Oh and Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite animation movie, It's strange that when I was a kid I never did like it, but as I aged the movie grew on me.

DinosaurPrince said...

That's a very sweet gift Devilman!!! It's warm and sexy.
Merry Christmas to you! I love the Nightmare before Christmas, (I collected way too much from that movie!) Nice touch! XD

DEVILMAN said...

Toma: Back in 1992 aparently no one liked the NBC movie D:!!!! But it has been my favorite since ever since xD

Thanks, glad you like the picture and the manhood in a box could be something on porpuse...maybe ;D

Dinosaur: Thank you!!!!! It takes me some time the pic, specially the planing part o_o i hope you had a lot of fun and amusement in this christmas even with the sicknes xP

vmf0806 said...

His presea hidden in a box may be more big and worth than the winner's trophy of the World Cup. The jewel would make me fire my imagination. Truth behind the box is to be truth behind a myth forever.

But, My compliments!

A. Infernov said...

Yo también quiero más arte de angelillos navideños como el suyo *3*
Me encantó como te ha quedado; feliz... lo que sea que festejes estas fechas XD
un abraxo!

DEVILMAN said...

vmf0806 : Oh the box!!!!! No one has commented about the box soo far, your the first xD i am glad the box sparks some imagination to wonder waths inside x3

A. Infernov: Feliz navidad y año nuevo antes de que se me olvide xDDDD yo celebro Samahin pero ese ya se me paso hace unos meses D:

Mira que para navidad tenia pensado algo muy differente a esto x3

eeks said...

Presenting a guy with wings for christmas was a very good and unusual idea, and you did a nice job!
that's a great gift!

DEVILMAN said...

Eeks, thanks a lot! It seems angels are not very present on Christmas art, i wonder why xD