Saturday, April 2, 2011


...and the birth of a new dream, a new one inside the shadows, a new life in exchange of a decadent life, in exhange of a empty life.

It is no secret i liked a lot the last game of Castlevania - Lords of Shadow. Many people hated it with the excuse to be a God of War clone while in fact, many of God of War mechanics where inspired by Castlevania Lament of Innocence.

Many people hated it because it didnt had RPG elements, direct links to the other Castlevanias or beautifull and androgynus vampires. Thats all true actually.

Gladlly i am in the oposite side of things xD i never like when a Japanese game gets "westernizzzzzed" but this time around Castlevania shined with its own vision, much more close to the original Castlevania games from the Nes era than the Symphony of the Night

Remeimbering all the games i played last year, FF XII, GoW III, Dantes Inferno, Dead Rising 2, etc....i think the most satisfiying for me was this Lords of Shadow one: It had some brillant character design - a much more creppy and repulsive view of all the characters, it ahd a very nice story with loads of plot twists, the Belmont hero was back with his sub-weapons and his Vampire Killer - no unrelated people this time. Magnificent graphics, a HUGE world full of rich scenarios and different cratures (a whole leoad of creatures) and an exciting and seductive soundtrack made me love the game more and more, and now it has expanded.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow REVERIE is out and it didnt disapointed me xD

They manage to add a whole lot of stuff in this DLC, big areas never before seen and a whole new story, kind of like a sequel of the original game. The cutscenes are now "animated comics". This ahd me worryed tougth, the cutscene sof Lords of Shadow are soo impresive...but the art sued in this comic cut scenes is soo amazing and inspiring o_o!!!!! The whole thing is amazingly hard!!!!! I have my Gabriel maxed out and yet i was always runing out of healt and items.

They added a sea of puzzles, literally. Now day games dosnt have puzzles at all...RE lost all the puzzles in RE 4 and all games seems to follow this same style, even Silent Hill!!!! SH Shattered Memories had the most idiotic excuses for puzzles. Reverie have a HUGE amoutn of this puzzles, riddles that makes you brake your brains and the most difficult challenges of the whole game >_<

Even with all this, tehres a new playable character, this ime you control a vampire with a whole new gameplay system, you can drink the blood of the enemys and get healt, blast them with thunders and turns into myst and vanish or even cross gates and enter into hiden places o____________o

This new gameplay system could be a blast for a new game!!!! And it seems they are going to use it for the next chapter of Castlevania - Resurrection -

W00t i am soo excited about this game all over again even after playing it soo many times D: but i cant help it, after seen Garbriels new rebirth


Karoline Keiidi A. said...

I havent played the new Castlevania games, tho I played one of the first ones. Anyway, from that, I fell in love with the design of the game. It must be over 10 years since I played it, but I still remember the dark feeling you got when you enjoyed it. And the design just gets better! Doesnt look like this game will disappoint you :)

DEVILMAN said...

Yhea!!!! I remember those old games from Castlevania, some things has changed since then but gladlly this game feels more like those old games. The design are always soo inspiring in this series!