Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I feel soo hysterical excited about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG random post but i was soo really hungry of some Tekken news and now this comes out xD but why Kazuya is melting away D:!!!!!!!!!??????????????

The character rooster is very primitive...this game is soo far away but i am soo excited about it already x3!!!! I hope they add.....my "favorite" characters ;D but i am veyr happy if Kaz and King are alreay there *0*

Makes me want to play SF IV again somehow >_>

I dunno wath to think about it....i hate the looks of the gameplay and i hate the ugly character design but i love the old school cameos (Mr.X, Hunters, The Raccon Police Dappartment...), i think i reach a state where i cant be excited about RE anymore o-o

But they are going to let me kill Leon, soo i am already sold >_>


x5_lynch said...

se ve increible!!!!!! lo espero con ansias, tb quiero tener el MK9 se ve genial con toda esa sangre y fatalities :P

DEVILMAN said...

El MK 9 esta bueno, aunque insisto en que se siente rigido....igual que todos los MK anteriores xDDD