Thursday, July 7, 2011


I had a terrible insomnia last night...i was "O-O" all night!!! Didnt sleep not even a single bit!!!! In the tiresome morning i had an important apointment at 12:30 am....i was getting ready but i had this horrible feeling, this disguting urge to be on Perisur at that same hour D:!!!!

Soo i went to Perisur mall and i arrived there at 11:30 am

Today 7 july, Hideo Kojima, the man behind Metal Gear Solid was in my city in a meeting with fans. I knew about it a week early just by luck and i never expect to actually have a chance to meet him in person!!!!

I arrive 5 hours and a half early to the event.....inside the mall we had a stage all ready :D and a line of....30 persons? I was soo happy *0*

But a guy told me those where VIP (?), the true line was outside the mall soo i went there and ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..............

I was.....pretty far away of the mall actually :(, just half an hour after the opening of the mall and we had 400 humans there in the line :(

We where.....there...doing...nothing D:

Not even PSPs could distract us too much. All people had theyr games and a couple of Play Arts Kai for the event and the sun was soo hot....and hours later a strong rain was over us and yet we where still there >_> and more people was coming!!!!

I see lots of awesome MGS t-shirts and make friend with a few of the people in the line. I didnt knew Mexico had soo much MGS fans before!!!!

Later on a Konami employee arrived with posters o_o and he started to have taken all this posters, people was literally riping them off from his hands xD

Isnt a bit too early to promot this game?

Anyway, we where kinda distracted with this posters and suddently all people started to run to the front of the line and i was like "0_o wuth? *prepare for runing*" but it was a man from the mall....he told us to please, leave...because Kojima was only going to meet with 100 fans and we had no chance to meet him >_>.....of course - NO ONE LEAVES -.....more people started to arrive minute by minute

It was...pretty raini.......And Kenichiro Imazumi was there!!!! Walking in betweehn the people filming us like strange apes specimens and he was "0_0"(hes part of Kojimas team, produces of MGS 4 and SH 2 and the main voice in the Hideo Radio)...i wish i was able to ask him an autograph too :D

5 pm and Kojima was already in the mall o_o with 30 fans and the rest of us outside in the rain.....i am not sure wath happened but i think they didnt expect to have this much people in the event....

Then we started to move slooowly, 50 humans of the line enter in the mall....aparently Kojima knew we where outside >_>

10 minute slater other 50....and we walked again....and again and again.....Kojima was going to be tehre until 7 pm and it was 6:30 pm!!!!! And i was 50 humans away of him OMG!!!!!!

Then the security guard make other 50 humans to enter and i was only 4 humans away now!!!!! And he says: OK, this is it, no more people...the next half an hour is going to sign those last 50 persons items, the rest of you cant enter



We almost cryed D:!!!!!!! And it seems we touched a hot spot on the security guard heart and he told us that only 10 more ....and ......RUN!!!!!

And we run in a kind of histeria state on all the parking and inside the mall, and the rest of the line hear it.....soo instead of 10 we had like.....500 humans runing in pure madnes towards Hideo Kojima!!!!

Inside the mall the security guards stoped the "intruders" and only let those last 10 persons to get in the last line of the night....i was the number 9 D:!!!!!!!!!!!! And soo close to Kojima!!!!! He was just going to meet 120 fans and here he was meeting with the las 400 o_o!!!!!

Kenichiro Imazumi was there!!!! Covering Kojima with his big body!!!

They also had sexy girls posing like....statues o-o

And there he was, Hideo Kojima, soo close!!!! Signing people stuff as fast as he can D:!!!!!

He was soo cloooosssseeeeee......and he notice the histeria and desesperation i our faces D: soo he end leting more people enter to the event :D!!

I finally reach him, i give my items to his assistant (a japanese woman) and then i enter the stage...the take pictures of me >_>.....and Kojima take my MGS 4 artbook and looked at the inside - aparently i was the only one who bring the artbook >_> - and leaves hi sign on the cover saying "muchas gracias" in a weird spanish, the my MGS 3 Subsistence game, he leave his mark and smilled at me, i said "arigatou" and he said "domo" and we shake hands

I feel like i was going to have an aneurysm D:

Outside of the stage i meet again with the people that was in the line with me, we huged we cryed we screamed i dunno if we kissed but we where very happy o0o!!!!!

Here is a look at the event from the top-back side

There was a Harry Potter event behind Kojima...and it was compeltelly ignored all day

Here is a pic in the front side:

This is a pic of the line outside the mall after i leave

It was a pretty.....horrible designed event.......98% of the fans where left outside on the rain for 6 or more hours while other random people from the mall get Kojimas sign before us, there was like...3 different lines and that was confusing.......and i dont know who to blame about it, Kojimas crew looked really histerycal while dealing with the infinite waves of human beings around them

In the end, the poor Kojima didnt meet 120 fans but 800 in 2 hours and a half wich was a record but also 2000 fans where left outside with empty hands xD

Now i have my fav MGS game and the MGS 4 artbook with the autograph *0*

One of the wildest dreams of my life take form *0* now i can *almost* die happy!!!!!

Theres more pics here!/Kojima_Hideo and here¬if_t=like


Reikro said...

Great post. It must have been quite a moment for you! I remember meeting Kojima with the launch of MGS4 in London. No signing of personal items were allowed, but at least I got a signed MGS4 cover sleeve and exchanged a few words with the man himself. I blabbered a few words in Japanese which he found quite amusing! Yoji Shinkawa, character designer, and actress Yumi Kikuchi was also present and signed the cover sleeve.

It's great that Kojima signed Snake Eater and the MGS4 art book. I wonder why a MGS3 art book was never released. Shame really as it's my favourite of them all. And Volgin was awesome!

Karoline KD A. said...

Whoa! You must feel divine! Think of all the people in this world who are jealous of you now! (ofc im one of them x) ).
Take very good care of them. They already have a huge value :)

DEVILMAN said...

REIKRO: Its was quite exciting hu xD?

Its pretty neat you exchanged words with him and you also get the signature of Yummy and Shinkawa!!!! I wish Shinkawa was in here too u_u

I hear they didnt relese the MGS 3 book because they had probles with the publisher Shinkigensha in 2005. I wonder if theres still chance of them releasing a book u_u

KAROLINE: It was...pretty unespected and yes, i feel lucky :D

I will take care of them deffinetly x)