Thursday, July 21, 2011


Thats the title of the picture i am posting!!!

I actually had this picture done a few weeks ago.....but oh well. This one was very....interesting, because hes not a fanart, and hes not an original character. This guy is actually someone real xDDD

I know hes HUGE but....actually...hes HUGE D: and he aproved the volume soo this is the closest to reality (in anime form) i can get. It was an inetresting experience and the model is soo nice :3

I need to convince him to cosplay as Chris Refield somehow D:!!!!

Anyway, here is another version:

Ehem, i have something descent to show!! Yay!!!!

Well, people, thanks for your visit, thanks for your comments - i already reply to them -, i still need to check updates on Y! Gallery but....i am going to visit all your blogs and leave loads of silly comments...that sounds like a lot of fun but very time consuming too xDDD

Well, see ya in your blogs :3


eeks said...

would be interested to know who is the model!
anyway, it's been a while since you haven't posted anything, it's cool to see something new!

Anonymous said...

He sure is a big fella. Very nicely drawn and colored. Why aren't there models like that around this neck of the woods? Oh, well...that's what the internet is for.

K-Nova said...

Ooh he's hot. You've done a great job on the body. I'm jealous that you got to look at someone as muscular as this in real life! ;)

Also, can I ask you a favour? Do you mind updating my blog details in your "Other neat blogs" column? I changed the name of my blog from "kid-nova" to "k-nova" a few months ago and I don't think any of my new posts are showing up as a result. I miss all the referrals from your blog. Thanks! :)

DEVILMAN said...

eeks: Hey, yes i was gone for quite some time, i hope i can update more regularlly from now on!!!

The model, sadly...dont want me to reveal his name and info :(

Scott: Thanks!!! I wonder why we dont have this kind of models ehre too...hes actually not on my country either soo i am in the same situation xD

K-Nova: Thanks!! I hope he continues to keep modeling for me x3~~

Sure, ill update my links :D

K said...

The nodel speaking he... We should updste this version now that im bigger!

Baraboylover said...

I was filtering through my y-gallery watches after years of not logging in. I have thousands of watched submissions I haven't looked at yet, so I decided to clean house with who I watch. Don't worry, I love you're artwork and I'll always keep on watching (and fapping to them, lol). Anyways, I was looking through your artwork again and came across this pic. I was about to say, you're really lucky to have been able to draw the model in person, but then I read your comment and realized you just used a pic online of the model. Still is an honor to have a model request and artist such as yourself to draw him. Lucky you!