Sunday, April 1, 2012


...soo amazing!!! Some time ago i did a post about the SF20: The Art of Street Fighter book and pointed aout how impresive are those artists Capcom have with them, Edayan, Ikeno, Kinu Nishimura....they have such amazing and unique style *_*

I was taking a look at the book yesterday and i was playing Soul Calibur V as well. Now i can say it with all confidence, Street Fighter X Tekken is one of the uglyest games have seen in the rescent years

This is specially evident on the Tekken characters. They do looks much better even on the PS 2 Tekken games...but the SF character models are pretty wrong as well xD i dunno wath happends with Ken o_o.....and also, the colors, the cartoony scenarios that looks like made with lego blocks, the 8-bits music.....i think all about the game helps to make it looks soo terrible ugly 0o0

The game is a lot of fun tough characters are incredible watered down...Raven have 130s movements in Tekken 6 and in here he have only 10 xDDDDDDDDDDDD

Also...soo many funny and weird guest characters and the fact that the game comes with a bank......Capcom really wanted to make this a parody of fighing games or was aiming this game to 5-10 years olds...

The game is very fun and love to see this characters together but it dosnt have collectibles/unlockables either.....soo this game is pretty much as empty as Soul Calibur V but uglyer and without customization/character creation <_<

I am not surprised by that but i am deffinetly surprised by how Capcom did such a shoddy job with the visuals. Marvel VS Capcom looks cooler deffinetly and SF IV looks more refined D:

Please Capcom >_< if you make a Darkstalkers, use a good art direction!!!!

I leave the trailers of the game tough because i really love them :D i soo wish the game looked like this (even with the water theme <_<) or Capcom just add this trailers into the game


DinosaurPrince said...

Ken's eyes are scary. This game is a big mess. Mega Man is the worst. It was nice to see Pac-Man in a fighting game. (Namco finally giving him some respect.) But I don't think he fits well. If this was 2D, or had nicer art, maybe he would. He feels like Tron stuck in that mech. Pac-Man in mech seems as wrong as Kid Icarus in a Gundam. :P Oh wait....what's happening this generation?

DEVILMAN said...

All character eyes looks scary xDDD the only characters done rigth are the cats and Pac-man....i am sure all Megaman fans are hating Capcom soo much now >_<

Pac-man is pretty cute tough, it dosnt fit but hes amusing. And hes super weak and slow and dosnt shot anything, like all the no-Capcom characters xD