Saturday, April 28, 2012


After being inside of god, after knowing god created everything and yet hes nothing but a mirror image of his creations. If he dosnt exist, does everythign else really exist?
After a couple of months Asura´s journey finally end in a burst of glory and sadnes and to see it, it cost money.

This is the only bad part of the game, the ending is feel like i was waiting for the last season of my fav anime and i like it, but make the ending of a game DLC is just way too dirty from Capcom xD

And predicably, the game is not a smash hit, not too much people is interested on it and in some way thats good. With Nirvana DLC, Asura´s Wrath is perfectly wrapped in a more than perfect way. I wish MGS 4 was this satisfiying xDDD And soo it ends one of the most odd, bizarre and original gaming experience i ever had. If the game is not of most people liking because dosnt feel like God of War, i am really glad. God of War is juts going to get his third "prequel" game telling Kratos origins for the third time D: and Asura is going to stay as a stand alone, individual experience like Shadow of the Colossus and Parasite Eve (Parasite Eve 2 dosnt have enything to do with the original PE >:T)

 I have to say, i am pretty impresed to play a game about the relationship of a father and his daugther. The only other game i played that touched that theme was MGS but in a very different way. Its amazing how japanese writers can make us feel such deep emotional connection to theyr strange and unrealistic characters while western games have a difficult time doing this xDDDD

 I am also happy with the lack of female sexuality in here. Asura´s wife is beautifull but is dressed like a pristess and not like a dominatrix (Ivy >:( ), Olga is more sexy looking but shes not whorish. Instead shes just a military figure (werid since shes the goodess of lust 0o0)

Asura´s daugther and the small girl that Asura protects, but are underage girls....and theres no lesbics inuendos about them. And they are not wearing maid outfits either D: and this is a japanese game!!! OMG!!!! It was such a pleasure enjoy small details like this xD

If only Capcom wasnt this greedy with the ending....but oh well, they already beat this and reach levels of greedynes never seen before by recording only half of the Resident Evil Operation Raccon game in the disc and seeling the other half as DLC xDDDDDDDDDD

I hope they add Asura to Marvel VS Capcom 4

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