Friday, September 6, 2013


I was feeling way too bad to see how incredible gullible and innocent i am and i was strike by a punch of lonelines

I been spending time with the wolf guy and hes soo awesome, just look at him makes me soo happy but i feel i bore him as well. Also i finally have the confirmation that he dosnt act all cute and charming with me, he does that to pretty much everyone soo i just saw thing that never existed in first place

I had the feeling it was like that long time ago but being reminded about it was quite painfull

Thats the problem, i am suffering for him and i shouldnt

Its probablly time to leave him behind and not see him again. I know is not his fault either soo i dont know if i should tell him how i feel about it or just let it be

And how can i told him? I need a way to say it softly and in control and preferable indirectly and i dont know how to say it nor wath to do

Once i told a friend i loved him and the consequences where awfull. I am not going to do the same again

I dunno wath i am expecting to post this in here....i am not exactly asking anythign special i just had to write it somewhere....

I just need to man up i guess and concentrate all my efforts in the things that are worth worrying about and stop thinking on men for good


Javier Alejandro said...

Sorry to hear that. I know what it's like, trust me. Only thing you can do is let it go, or go for it. Let it go if you know it won't go anywhere, go for it if you never want to wonder 'what if?'. That's all.

DEVILMAN said...

Thats the hardest part, decide witch one to choice specially because i would never know if i choice wiselly

Ombre said...

This was clever decision.

HP Ribot said...

Sometimes, love hurts. It can hurt really bad. But at some point the pain eases and you can find what you are looking for. You (and I know this is hard)have to separate 'him' from 'love.' You might feel love but 'he' is not love itself. I know at the moment this helps little but it is actually correct. The cost of love can be very high - but it goes both ways also. Someone is out there right now and he's looking for you - but he doesn't know it.