Tuesday, February 24, 2015


As depresive as that title is, this may be the last post on this blogg.

Google is kicking us out. Blogges was already pretty empty compared to Tumblr and other places but now, is going to be a ghost ship without the porn. I am sure Google is going to sink it to open a "bigger and better" service later but for now, we who dedicate to porn, need to leave this place.

I am not sure if i am going to delete all the porn and just use this place as a standar blogg. Its going to be much more emptyer than it is now. Or just leave it like this and just been read by people who send me theyr mail.

I am also tempted to use Tumblr as my main gallery but given how very little i know about HTML i am sure i am not gonna be able to redesign it for such porpuse.

If theres still someone who read this place, please tell me your opinions!!! This place has been online for 8-9 years already. Should i let it go?


Andrew Cogburn said...

I don't know if you should let this site go. Though I do definitely know that you need to keep up sites that show your art, even if Google is going all Victorian (I blame Downtrodden Abbey for this). So do what you want with this blog, but most definitely show your stuff, and let us know where.

Loran said...

That's who are the creators of this horrible censorship


DEVILMAN said...

I will sure make a final post to let you people know where to find me.

Maybe i leave this place intact as long as Google keep it private. I sure dont want to toally dissapeare from Bloger.

But Tumblr is also a time bomb thanks to Yahoo

Anonymous said...

Don't leave.

Loran said...

The latest reports say that Google has rethought his decision
will be censored only blogs that contain commercial pornography

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