Friday, July 15, 2016


Yuuuussss!!!! I am back tough i actually never leave....

I dont want this place to be lost forever and ever, but i been thinking on the rigth way to re-laucnh this blog. With all the issues last year of Blogspot changing its rules, all my images are no longer hosted in here it seems. I wonder if its a good idea to re-post them once more? Its just old stuff that most people already saw i guess.

I also didnt wanted to post in here without nothing new to show and i actually have new art to show!!! But i will do another post for it.

In this time i had a lot of technical problems, art blocks and a lack of time dedicated to art since i had to change my job and i was left with only a couple of free hours a day. I even still own art to people from last year, something i will fix for sure!!!

I dont know how frequently i will update this place, i need to be back in track with art but i promise to make this place interesting again, give it some life in the short therm. I also saw people who wanted to contact me??? I am sorry for my lack of presence in here but with Y- Gallery dead, i can be reached at any time in Tumblr:


And i can be reached at my e-mail tough e-mail is a little old style since it seems everyone have Tumblr now. Anyway, my e-mail is

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