Sunday, July 17, 2016


Since Terry was a wandering fighter much like Ryu, i always wonder how he could pay for stay one night in someone else house in the city his visiting? While Ryu is "inoccent" and deffinetly serious, is pretty obvious Terry worryes much more over his looks and know he is good looking. Maybe he take advantge of it and offers some fun and "services" to the owner of the house for a bed and some food?

That was my fantasy over Terry Bogard. Back in the middle of the 90s, when i was a teen, i tough he was as hunky looking as Ryu, tough i am surprised now that most people dont like him at all, it seems he is too bishounen to be bara? I guess he really is a pretty boy with long hair but i always find him pretty beffy and hunky and reminds me a trucker more than a bishounen.

I guess is not important if he is a bishounen or a bara, i like him a lot and i wanted to show my love for fight games men with a series of images and he looked like a good start, since he is one of the most iconic and classic characters and now day he is not getting too much love at all under the shadow of Street Fighter V.

I said i finally had something new to show and here it is!!! I actually had this finished a long time ago but i wasnt sure to post it, i felt pretty insecure about the quality and i hated the background too. I did a fight ring behind, a city, even a pixel landscape and i hated every version of it until i decided to make a character select design for him. I really wanted to make it feel like a fight game illustration (and drawing an arcade behind would be awkard).

It also evolved from a mini comic into a pin up with various versions, a "sexy" and two "pornish".

Like i said, maybe he is not bara enough but i hope someone else (besides me) enjoys this. Expect some more fighters to come up like this soon.

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