Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Yep.....this is a gift for

After this picture, i feel a lil more confident with the tablet, i think i am just having problems controlling the thicknes of the art line. I know the image looks awfull, all shacky and with a lack of details xD, but i draw it from 5:30 am to 8:00 am soo i was really sleepy....and took me two and a half hours!!! OMFG!!!!! With traditional mediums, a picture can take me 5-10 hours (i need to scan, and ink the line art and also the colors...) soo this picture was more fast but.....2 1/2 hours >_>!!!! I am sure that in 2 1/2 hours manye of you can create even 6 pictures <_<.....

Anyways, i need to keep practicing, but for now in Photoshop cus my Open Canvas is broken =o. Wen i try to make a layer, the damn thing close my pictures and also dont reproduce Events anymore......i already re-install the program but nuthing happends u_u.


Naphtali said...

I'm probably biased, but Photoshop is really good for learning how to use a tablet. I used tutorials from http://www.pendako.com a long time ago when I first got into CG'ing using a tablet. You're doing fine though, drawing digitally is really hard and I don't even bother trying lol....the end result for me is always crappy and then I delete it.

2.5 hrs is good for this :). Blodia will really like it I'm sure.

DEVILMAN said...

hey, i know that page but i never look at the tutorials xDDD
thanks for the heads up =D
soo you used tablet too 0_0....i really hope we can chat about this a lot better on msn
and yhea, i think Blodia liked the pic ^///^

yabuki said...

Wow, this Art is really incredible O.o (i only know how to Blur Pics v,v)

DEVILMAN said...

donde andabas escondido yabuki 0__0?