Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This is a gift art for SARU-X
Hes a reall awesome artists, a great friend and i meet him many years ago xD, soo this pic takes me loads of time.
I made it entirelly on Open Canvas and using tablet.......the pic looks archaic but i think i am getting better with the damn tablet xD
I need to practice a LOT more with the tablet and leave behind the Metal Gear Online
Oh yhea....the MGO BETA is awesome and really addictive but maybe i should keep my hype to play it for the real game °_°


A. Infernov said...

estoy de acuerdo cada vez mejoras mas con la tableta.
mmmm... creo que tendré que sacar el traje fetish del closet y pararme sexy en la esquina (tambien quiero una tableta y no tengo varo T.T)

andrea madalena said...

hi, here i am! nice work. i don't know open canvas... good practicing with tablet: it's very funny ^__^

DEVILMAN said...

yelmo, que comentarios sacas deveras xD
namas salte con un taparravo y orejas como tu personaje y vas a ver que tendras tabletas hasta pa regalar xD

andrea madalena, thanks a lot
practicing with tablet its interesting but i have no patience!!!
i want to draw perfectly!!! x3

Estudiocomik said...

Hola, muchas gracias por tu comentario en mi blog. Publicaré mas sketchs entonces.
Por otro lado este dibujo está impresionante!!!

Msan said...

Excelente trabajo!!

DEVILMAN said...

muchas gracias x3