Thursday, May 8, 2008


I had some really hard last days xDDD, thats why i been out of the internet but also i was playing a game i just found!!!

In the 2004 a game called Obscure/Mortifilia come out for PS 2 and Xbox and i wanted it soo badly!!!! but i never find it and i am still searching that game xD

But now Ignition release the second part on PS 2!!! thanks good the game was cheap and also is a weird convination of old school horror with new ideas

the story take place on a collegue and you control 8 different students, every one of them have a speciality: one of them is very strong, other one can hack electric systems, other can solve puzzles.......every character have different actions and you have always 2 characters on screen, the one of you and a partner controlled by the AI. but the best part is that you can plug a second dual shock and play with a friend!!!! its a two players survival horror game!!!!! (of course, this is the only feature that i didnt touch cus i am always playing alone ;_;)

the graphics are PS 2 graphics.....but they looks really good, with some very impresive scenes and scenarios. the gameplay is similar to resident evil but more basic cus its more based on mele weapons than guns. also the characters are normal boys, soo they cant figth very good or run very fast

The music is AWESOME!!! i already have the soundtrack and is really beautifull!!! the music is performed by the Boston String Quarter and the Paris Opera Childrens Choir soo the music is both beautifull and very creppy and atractive with child voices singing on latin o_o

the story is sorta basic......the monsters are mutated students who are in contact with some strange black flowers in the campus. the monters are similar to those from resident evil but are weaker and more serius like those from silent hill.

the characters are....well...normal boys soo they are kinda plain but they are very likeable since the voices are very good and they use to talk a lot, soo you know theyr personalitys and back storys very well. while the game have some fun parts or looks ridiculous (since is based on teens-chessy horro movies from hollywood) is also very serious and dark....theres a constant horror feeling all the time with lonelly locations, dark ligths and one of the best soundtracks i ever heard.

also some of the characters dies....some of the very likeable characters...and they die in very cruel and bloody ways of the girls was even raped by the monsters @_________@

i still dont finish the game but soo far only have two bad points: wen you find a save spot, you need to save cus you CANT save again till you find another save point and also the game is a one nigth stand xDDDD dont have costumes or different endings or extras....

anyways, the game is not as scary or awesome as silent hill or resident evil but is still a very amusing and interesting game with some new and original ideas fused with old school horror. the game is better tahn i was expecting and i keep my search for obscure 1 >:[ !!!!

Here is the first trailer

and the second one

Its amusing how with the PS 3 and the other next gen consoles, the PS 2 is still releasing intereting games xDDD


A. Infernov said...

pus parece que si te gustó ya lo posteaste en varios lados
pero en fin, aca tmb comento, y mientra ando llorando x que npo he tenido tiempo para continuar el silent hill, derrepente lo hago entre clase pero no es mucho, jejeje
ahi si consigues el juego del que hablas nos dices como esta de bueno, (incluyendo a los personajes aparte del futbolista claro esta) =D

A. Infernov said...

sorry por el segundo post, pero es que lo habia leido como buen mexicano . (sin checarlo muy bien jajajaja)

y lo lei otra vez y vi que ya lo tienes =P
^^u disculpe mi indiorancia...

batsu said...

This game will have a wii version too

DEVILMAN said...

psss cuando quieras te ayudo con el silent, y seee, ya tengo el juego y es genial x3

yes batsu (awesoem name ;D)theres a wii version but i hope they dont make a mess with the control xD