Friday, May 9, 2008


Yep......i been skecthing a lot triying to have more exp poins on art soo i can digievolve into a good artist XD

So far i can make 3 decent drawings every i just need to be faster with the tablet and the colors but also i want to recive advices cos i have some torubles drawing dantes, noses and muscles xD

This is a preview....sorta, soo sorry for the blurrynes, ill finihs this pics using the tablet soo stay on "!" for future updates x3

Here is Carlos from BIOHAZARD 3, Dante from DEVIL MAY CRY 4, Lorenzo from DEMENTO, Kyle from PARASITE EVE 2 and Altair from ASSASINS CREED.

Any advice and help would be very apreciated ;_;


A. Infernov said...

me encanta el de carlos y el del de assasin's creed (ya no me acuerdo como se llama =P )
pero esos dos son bien sepsis x3

DEVILMAN said...

el sujeto se llama altair
see, carlos no esta tan detallado pero pss me alegro que saliera bien (por ahora xD)

JC Art said...

wow the sketches are amazing .. they are really really really hot!

thanks for the comments on my page.

Theit10101 said...

I think they r gud..cant really see them..that sucks... O_o