Friday, May 30, 2008


Yhea.... xDDDD

Well, this has been one of the most horrible weeks evar xD

One of the issues that makes this week soo "memorable" for me is that i start to had some internet problems a few days ago.....basically the internet went down after 5 minutes i turn on the PC

I was left alone on the real world ;_;, but someone from the help unit from my internet service send me a anti-virus. They also help me to add manually another DNS adress and now aparently everything is working fine.

But the anti-virus detect a "haker-device" (i dunno if thats writen correctly".......and then i enter to my hotmail adress but aparently my password is wrong!!!! I think a haker change my password but also....the last time i write my password was 8 years ago!!!!!! Since then i been having the "remember me" option on, soo i am just 50% sure that my password is my correct password...but i am not sure.

Maybe is just my stupidity that erase my password from my mind or maybe someone REALLY change my password.

Soo, any help here??? xDDDD someone cant think on a idea to retrive this lost pasword???

i already do another hotmail account just in case, now is, add me on msn if you wish, ill be adding some of you too to my new adress. if some one see my "neodevilman10" old account acting strange, tell me cus that means theres an intruder!!!!!!

I really hope this things is just temporal........and i dunno why some one would want to hack me since i dont remember to have any enemys o_o

on a side note, i been playing Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII on the PSP......two of the new characters have really dumb storys and i feel like the game is sooo extremelly dedicated to fangirlism that is scary xD but to be honest, the game is great, have neat music, graphics, good gameplay and 80% of good story

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