Sunday, April 20, 2008


Just a few hours till they let us play the beta version of Metal Gear Online!!!!!
I already have my INVITATION and i DOWLOAD the update for 10 looong its just a matter of begin the GAME ;D

Imagine your traped in a small japanese town, at nigth. The only thing between the town and the nearest city is a big and deep forest....and a sea of red water.

Theres no electricity, the phones and vehicle are dead and the place is full of thick fog and a rain of blood. Theres no merchant to sell you some weapons, herbs or potions. You cant find ammo in the desk or any kind of weapon, just a broom and a small pocket knife. Your not in the best of the shapes soo you dont have amrtial arts to defend yourself or a big strength.

Your in the midle of the town, only with a flash ligth and no map, theres no way to know weres an escape or a safe place, you can see only streets and some old and ruined buildings.

But your not alone, the villaguers are still there but they are already dead. The flesh of theyr bodys is rotten, theres blood coming out of his eyes and mouths but they are still walking, hunting for you. They have flash ligths, thye know the layout of the town, they have axesm knifes and even sniper rifles or revovlers!!!!

They cant die anymore because they are not alive. you run in the darknes and you can only hide and wait. your in a closet and you can only hear them out, in the streets, moving slowlly and cruying for all the pain they have in theyr bodys. you hear them howling like animals outside of the room or even laugthing like maniacs at the other side of the door.

The only thing that let you see them is the can see them like ghostly shadows between the fog. they have axes or even they are crawling on the walls of the houses. Some of them used to be friends of yours wen they were alive soo you can also hear them scream your name with a deep and aberrant voice, looking for you.

This game is called Siren =D and was released for the PS 2 years ago. sadly the game was a huge failure because its very hard and unfriendly, also very realistic and dont have super powerfull agents with loads of weapons and martial arts skills, dont have a pretty girl to rescue or a sexy chick with huge boobs who figths against monsters in a coctail dress soo the second game, Siren 2, only arrives to Japan and Europe (damn lucky euros xDDD)!!!!

Theres also a movie, but belive me, dont have anything to do with the game u_u

And now, this very under rated and highlly disturbing game is coming for the next gen!!! =D
SIREN NEW TRASLATION its coming out in two months and its excluvie for the Playstation 3 (hell yhea x-boyx >=D!!!!!!) !!!

I am soo excited!!!!! This game and Silent Hill are the games that trully makes me fell scared, and of course, this game was created by the same master mind behind the Silent Hill 1

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