Thursday, June 17, 2010


OK this post is all about videogames soo yhea, the art is for the next post xD

A new Silent Hill!!!!!! I cant say too much about this one tougth. I disliked a lot the last one (Shattered Memories) but i cant help to feel excited about this new game, even if Akira Yamaoka is not in here

Dead Space 2!!!!!! I LOVED the first one!!!!! It succed to have all the action and excitment of a Resident Evil game fused with all the gore and psychological horror of Silent Hill. This is really the best horror game of this generation (Sorry SH but your in second place)

Marvel VS Capcom!!!!!!! Now i am nto sad anymore to not be able to play Tatsunoko vs Capcom x3 this is my most hyped figth game for now, i love soo much Chris in there OMG!!!!!! Behold the most unbalanced fight game!!!!!

Assasins Creed looks as clasy and impresive as always. The second game was outstanding soo i have high hopes for this one. But......i am not veyr excited by the co-op. i mean, why all the games need to be multiplayer? Its nice to have it as an extra like Uncharted or in fight games, but some games must be played alone (like MGS or Resident Evil) i dunno if i like the idea of this game....

I am soos erisully excited by this game!!!!! Is very different to the otehr Castlevanias yes, but the last 3D games of Castlevania felt soo....tame.....they feels soo retro and thats nice but it dosnt works for everyone.

Now wath makes me mad about this is how all the people says this Castlevania is a copy of God of War. Seriuslly!!!!! Its an action / hack and slash game!!!! Just liek GoW and Dantes Inferno and loads of other games. All the games feel like GoW because GoW is the most generic exaple of an action game!!!!! Its really well done and have an awesome geek twist but God of War didnt create the action genre!!! Stop saying all action games are a copy of God of War already >___________________>!!!!

The 3rd birthday, finally!!!! a new trailer!!!!!!!! i dont like the police presence in there...the game feels more like a generic action game but, then again, this is too short to have an idea of wath is this game about. PE is one of my fav games ever, i am excited but very worried about this as well....

Metal Gear Solid Rising.

Raiden looks prettyer than ever, with his high heels and all that make up. Now hes on a dark room, using a tigth and black leather suits while he holds some kind of "organ" and while hes covered with some kind of withe milk/gooey......yes, it promise to be quite an experience, specially since the core of the gameplay is about hunting enemys and "extract" this milk/gooey from them to eat and be stronger......the game also works with the PS 3 Wiimote! Yay!!!!!

I am gonan enjoy this game as long as if they dont take it too serisully (by this i mean, as long as if they dont use a lot of the main timeline)


Theres a Chris clone nude in there!!!!!! God knows i am happy with all kind of Chris nudenes, but i hope is not a clone...i hope Capcom dont come up with some wacky story for this game, specially if they are using Chris and Jill

This thing...the Nintendo 3DS, is somethign unespected. I cant imagine how it looks but if those are the graphics (head to the RE REVELATIONS LINK) then i am impresed......i cant see how 3D can be inmersive on sich a tiny device either but i am afraid this really kill my beloved PSP ;^;

And they are making METAL GEAR SOLID SNAKE EATER 3D too. They are re-making my all time favorite MGS game and adding 3D effects?????

I am deffinetly getting the 3DS. This is the first time i want a Nintendo console o____________O and i am unsure about the 3D, i just want it for MGS 3 and Re!!!!!

Loads of exciting news!!!! Castlevania and MGS 3D are giving me fan orgasm!!!! Ill be obsesin about this untill 2011 xD


~*Pumpkin*~ said...

oh SNAP!!!!
i cant wait for the Marvel vs Capcom
that looks freaking awesome!!!!
i wanna play, i wanna play NOW!!!

DEVILMAN said...

I need to play it too *0* tougth...i know they are gonna kick my ass xD