Friday, June 18, 2010


Yes! I still like Final Fantasy XIII ;D!!!!!

Soo, Lightning always hated Snow and his little childish and anoying group NORA because....well, they only bring troubles. Good thing she never find out the "messy" activitys of the second in comand of NORA, Gadot o_o. Since Bodhum is a small town close to the beach, Gadot can have fun with all those who likes his well trained muscles (something that is mentioned in the game itself)

I have a lot of fun doing this!!!! I love Gadot design!!!! I really like him more than Snow in a visual stand point. can only control him in the first chapter. In FF VII, Loz, my fav guy, didnt do too much. In FF VIII my favorite male, Raijin, only epare in two boss batles and in FF X, Jecht only epare like...2 minutes in the entire game. Soo i am already very used to Square-under developed chaarcters >_>

Soo.....i a different line art here, and i use a different style in the coloring as well. I dont know if the shadows looks too intrusive, please tell me wath you think xD I dont even know if he looks like Gadot at all :( maybe i had to try mimic Tetsuya Nomura style? Also my sperm needs to be more gooey-ish? The background took me quite some time and to be honest looks terrible >_> and i need to be less anoying about my arts and just enjoy them xD

Well, new arts soon!!!!!

And on a side note, i want to eat his pubes!!! They looks like ice cream x3~~~


Busiris said...

I almost forgot that Y! doesn't allow labels and logos to appear on their submissions. But I like how you added it here. :3 I'd say you did lovely work here today. I see Light there in the back, oblivious to this chaos! XD;

KNK said...

YOU.... I love what you draw :D

PS: MSN miss you :P

Anonymous said...

Nice picture! Great job. I don't suppose you'd consider doing Yuj from FF13 as well?

Jubell said...

I think it looks wonderful! You put a lot of work into this =)

DEVILMAN said...

Busiris: Yhea the Y logos. That rule give me troubles at first but is not that important xD Light is too cocnentrated to keep peace on her town that she dosnt notice the orgis <_<

KNK: Awwww thanks a lot ;^; msn.....i should start using it again!!!

Anon: Thanks anon. I dunno about Yuj cus i am deffinetly working on more FF XIII art x3

Jubell: thanks!!!! kinda looks plain but i spent hours on this art =O