Sunday, June 6, 2010


This is an art trade with Sablechan!!! You can visit his bloog HERE!!!!

His BSAA character Garnet having fun with his new toy (Oh i want that toy too!!!)!!!!11111111

He asked for Garnet all cover in cum xD soo at first this pic was concentrating on the front side, but i usually do that most of the time soo now i decided to concentrate on the back side o____o This is the first time i draw a jockstrap and it was fun!!! Actually this whole pic was a lot of fun and relaxing xDDDD

As usuall...the background is a mess, but oh well, someday i promise to learn to do backgrounds!!!! Also i dont know hwo to draw hands w00toihfsjf....i need to consider use reference next time <_<

Anyway, hope you guys and Sablechan likes it x3 and also new art update very soon (FINALLY!!!!)


Busiris said...

Like I told ya, I am sure he'll love it! You did such a good job, and the effort really shows! Great work! Keep it up. <3

Avenjer said...

I like it. I need to get back to drawing again myself.

DEVILMAN said...

Thanks a lot my Bu friend >3>

Avejer, thanks for the visit!!! You should draw again!!! Its....frustrating at times but nothing that practice cant fix!

daniel.elruso said...

Woww!! Que dibujo tan sugerenteee ummm!! ;-)

eeks said...

wow, nice work. showing his back was a good idea! and I personnaly like this kind of guns!

DEVILMAN said...

Gracias Daniel!!!!

Thanks Eeks!! I need to explore the back side of my guys more often ;D