Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Oh i dont have any imagination anymore for the title...i am very tired, i am sorry xD

Soo...a new update!!!! Is time to celebrate xDDD

I been working on this for a loong time....and somehow is one of the pics i did many times. I am not a big fan of Kratos but i was asked this as a request long time ago. I triyed to get as close as i could to the request details and yet i changed Kratos position over and over again....i experimented with many face expressions but they didnt looked rigth....the only one that fited him was " >:[ "

Half the way the file was corrupted soo i ahd to start all over again....and also, while hes almost nude, this guy have a lot of chains and details and i HATE drawing chains xDDDD

Uuggghhh the background...and the other characters...i dunno, make me wish i spent more time on it but if i did it, i would end reseting the whole image. Soo, i hope you like it and excuse any mistake or inconsitency D:

I didnt miss the chance to do it a censoring. But theres an uncensored version of course

Uuugg, tehres a lot of stuff i dont like in this picture....gladlly, Kratos is not one of them soo i guess is not that bad xD?

This pic make me find out an answer of a question i always had....why is God of War soo disturbinglly popular? It dosnt have the best story our there, Kratos is fun but is soo plain....theres better action/hack & slash games out there in terms of gameplay soo why GoW produce orgasms to every single gamer in the world?

The asnwer was soo simple, why i never see it D:?????!!!!

Is the sex mini games o-o

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