Thursday, October 13, 2011


Soo...another update? Soo fast!!!!! OMG!!!!!

Dont get too used to it, i had this one done sometime before Kratos!!! I was just keeping it because i didnt want to spam you with PORN D:

Soo, some of you could know this but i rescently been addictied to Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. The game is pretty awesome, have neat graphics and animation, a nice and silly story, loads of weapons, monsters that looks like Go Nagai creation, cool outfits and an amazing battle system

Is deffinetly one of the best action games i ever played D: and very few games show theyr hate for the player like this game: Loads of enemys on screen, the normal enemies can shot projectiles and they can teleport, invencible bosses, very expensive health items....tougth the game was easyer than NG S 1....

Anyway, yesterday i finally reach the number of 12 177 enemies killed!!!! It was hard but now i am done with this game and of course, i HAD to do fan art of Ryu Hayabusa

This beggins totally different...but eventually turned in this straigth forward scene xD

Uggh....the nature looks soo cartoony!!!! And the moon looks weird and theres a lot of inconsitency (like how innacurate looks the falcoon claws)....but i try my best to reproduce Tokyo Sky City feeling, my deffinetly favorite scenario of the game!!!! And Ryu is soo HAWT!!!!! Why you people dont draw him D:? I am soo shocked >_>.....

Battle damage!!!!!! Everything is better with Battle damage, hu :D? I wish Ryu show more skin like the ladys Rachel and Ayane but truth is that his outfit is already pure fanservice o_o And yhea...i have a blood fetish, soo wath >:U?

And Falcoon Claws weapon just because they are the sexyest weapon in a ny videogame >_< i used them a lot

And to finish this i post NGS 2 credits soo you guy can see Ryu Hayabusas sexynes on all his glory and maybe try to draw him too o0o


eeks said...

wow! I like this one very much! love his suit and the textures you used on, and the two versions are very sexy. The cherry blossom could maybe have been a little more detailed, with a special flower brush...

DEVILMAN said...

Thank you :D glad you like him!!! He is...very simplistic looking but theres a lot of stuff going on his outfit xD

Oh yhea a brush! That would be helpfull! I really need to gather a nice collection of brushes for this xD