Friday, October 28, 2011


Hi people!!!!

I am veyr sorry i could not keep with the updates like i was doing. This month has been quite busy since the very begining and also i had the visit of death. A member of my familly is gone now. The sadnes and memories remain but this is just a natural step in life. Gladlly i never see death like something bad but the issues and troubles between the remaining members of my familly remain, ugghhh...

Soo, i dont feel very talkative latelly...i didnt feel too much in porn mode either and Batman Arkham City has been on my desk for 2 weeks without being touched

Tomorrow i will leave my city for a short trip. Some friends and i will be visiting a cold and very small and unknown town. I will be missing my halloween marathon of heach year...i wanted to see soo many movies but i really want to go out of the city x3

Ill be back in two days, back to reply all your wonderfull messages x3 ill be continue living and drawing like i was a few days ago. Time cant stop x3 soo see ya next week <3


尾崎 航 said...

I feel sorry to hear about that, but anyway, I hope you will know that I will always back for your.

DEVILMAN said...

Thank you soo much :3!!!