Friday, March 2, 2012


Yey an update!!!!!

How have you been people? Still missing Y!? Y! had some issues with the rules but it was a pretty neat place and i can say i miss it D: I hope Asiandude and the other staff can fix it ;u;!!!!

Well now i am posting an Asura´s Wrath pic. I loved everything about the game since i see the first trailer years ago D: the character design was just....amazing....i wanted to draw those characters long time ago but now i finally did it...i dont know why >_<

Such a challenge... theres soo much going on in this guys xDDD theyr rocky texture, the golden leafes on his arms, the cracking, the marks, the strange looking abs D: at first it was Asura and his 6 arms but i decided to delete the arms and add Augus!

I am not entirelly happy since now i want to see Asura in a more dynamic pose <_< and i dont like the look of the water buuuuttttt i am happy its over D:!!!!! I soo want to draw this characters again x3!!!

And a couple of days ago i buy the game :D!!! Hope i can play it this weekend x3! a little side note about Soul Calibur V:

I am sorry, i know i am soo sick u_u .....


DinosaurPrince said...

WOW this is so great man! Capcom meets Cho Aniki!!!!! Love the design of these guys. I really want to get this game. You are tempting me so much!!! did you get a penis in the game? :P

Leon Yabuki said...

Estas mejorando un monton amigo! :O :D

Rigel126 said...

I miss Y! too!!! D:

And hurray for hunky porn! It gets me thru the week! XD

DEVILMAN said...

Dino: This game is very tempting but i am afraid is not for everyone xDDDD i think i like it just ebcause i am very used to MGS. How to get a penis? I think the hot spring is the only way xD

Leon Yabuki: Muchas garcias :D

Riguel: I am glad i was helpfull xDDD

Daniel said...

That is a really good piece of artwork! I'm really impressed! Well Fucking Done Man! Love It! <3

DEVILMAN said...

Thank you!!! But i feel i could do it better D:

Daniel said...

Every artist feels they can do better after completing a piece of work, its just how we roll! ;)