Saturday, March 17, 2012


Its time for Twilight to fade away into the void of the Barbie direct to DVD movies and such stuff (or soo i wish xDDDD)i was ready to start to HATE vampires as a whole but theres at least some fresh grass on the planes

I sooooooo NNNNEEEDDD to see this movie OMFG!!!!!!!!

Ehem...OK, now to other news. If someone wants to see my new art involving some Final Fantasy, go and visit Dinnosaur´s Prince Kingdom ;D


DinosaurPrince said...

I hear the directors of Twilight plan to make movies that expand beyond the books. I hope those join Barbie. XD

DEVILMAN said...

Mmmm i would be interested if they make a movie about Emmett Cullen actually. The side characters are more interesting xDDD